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Update On Daughter

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My daughter's surgery went well. She did have some problems with excessive bleeding on the left side. She now has 6 very large incisions on both hips/upper thigh areas. She was released from the hospital last night after an 8 day stay. They still have no idea why this happened to her. I will be cleaning and packing her incisions daily with weekly visits to the wound care clinic. Every time the nurses got her up to walk her pulse would zoom to 150 or more. Her b/p was low at 70/40. I had to give them a crash course in POTS as none of the nurses had ever heard of it. Thanks for all the good wishes.


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I'm so glad your daughter is out of the hospital, and that she got those awful cysts removed.

Also sorry you had to give a crash course on POTS---------it's terrible that there isn't more education out there about this.

It's pretty serious stuff, and can cause serious complications-------not to mention making us feel MORE miserable.

Your daughter is a brave girl.

Give her a BIG HUG for us.

Maxine :0)

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Thanks for the update.

Give her our regards. You are probably holding it together very well because you know she needs you. As soon as she gets a break

you will probably be a wreck. Our babies come first.

Wishing you both a break........

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Wow, it must have been such a stressful and painful experience for both your daughter and you. I'm so glad it seems to be coming to an end. Wierd that they couldn't figure out what caused it.

She's so lucky to have such a supportive mom!

Best wishes for a swift and smooth recovery!

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Hi Randi,

Thanks for giving an update. I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. I hope that your daughter will now have a smooth recovery. She is blessed to have you there to help her.

I hope you can get the rest you need too.

All the best,


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