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I have heard that some people can be helped by increasing salt and fluid intake. My question is..how does one know how much to take. The water. I drink a ton of. I don't drink anything else, so I drink about double of what is normally recommened. The salt. I add salt to everything. And was even taking a spoonful or two a day but when I had my last blood test my sodium was low-114. norm -135. I've also heard of salt tablets. Again I'm not sure how you'd know how many to take. Ayone have any idea?


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This is from our "What Helps" page:

Increasing salt can help POTS patients to feel better. Normal subjects reduce urinary sodium excretion on assumption of upright posture, but patients with orthostatic intolerance do so ineffectively (Vanderbilt University Autonomic Dysfunction Center, 1999). Impaired renal sodium conservation can contribute to hypovolemia (Streeten, 1999). Increasing salt is an effective way to raise blood pressure in many patients with orthostatic hypotension. Salt helps to expand blood volume. Some patients find salt tablets and/or electrolyte solutions to be helpful. Physicians suggest patients take 10-15 grams of salt daily (Low, 2000). Salt is 39% sodium, therefore 15 grams of salt equals 5,850 mg of sodium.

For more information and to view references see:



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I've upped my salt intake considerably, and with the added fluids, it's been helpful. It really is a matter of trying until you find the levels which work for your body.

The electrolyte thing is interesting. I've been wondering if sports drinks would help.

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Try switching to a really good sea salt, the kind that is still somewhat moist - it retains its natural chemistry, unlike the "dead" stuff we refer to as salt today. Add a pinch to each glass of water.

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