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  1. My hospital artsy-selfie - cos if I've no choice but to be stuck in bed & occasionally hospitals? I'm gonna try to at least have an artsy good time whilst doing so😊✌🏼💗
  2. @Anne77 (re: Original Question Posted about Experiences of Night & Sleep Tachycardia): • Yess!! 1ce or 2ce/month. •I've been dx'd with Dysautonomia • POTS & EDS (Ehlers Danlos) *& nearly all possible comorbidities too 😧💔*• • I've not bothered mentioning night tachycardia to Dr. more than 1ce cos I've so many assorted & "stupid" issues (•Stupid: aka. "random" symptoms & inconveniences but are actually POTS-Stuff. W/out a POTS‐literate Dr.? FEWER PROBS=FEWER DISMISSALS). •Sad• you'd think "Night Tachy.'s a huge deal (cos it IS). However I learned to reign‐in Problems & Questions (Re: quanity, severity, & frequency of symptoms) to avoid dismissals. • I'd been dismissed since my 1st faint•11yo.—'til requiring to be "defibrillated" (by proxy) via heart-reset drug Adenosine at 40yo. (*Sidenote: It gave me LONG QT Synd.) • & am still dismissed. My 2nd time in ER - post adenosine, post dx, & despite telling staff of dx & condition's symptoms?Despite asserting I wasn't a speed addict? They sent in an addiction counselor to bug me •to just admit I had a coke prob. so he could help me• for 45min.!! My own doctor (sadly I had to move, but he WAS POTS literate) showed up, insisted all toxicology was always clean with me & to please believe patients. •So yeah. Yes to Night Tachycardia. I believe it's caused by POTS when one has POTS. Stimulation to the vasovagal nerve during sleep can & does occur (GERDS, a sniffle, a snore, a cough, a hiccup, a sharp intake of breath; (& even a slight shift in head position can trigger tachycardia too). The hypersensitive response issues present in those with POTS can often result in tachycardia. •I feel fairly confident asserting this is POTS-related • Why? ▪︎my own sleep study done showed I went into an 8sec. tachycardia • prior to th he POTS dxs • & they were concerned & concluded it was caused by a vasovagal stimulation caused by my sniffles; ▪︎my own 15yrs. of pretty extensive research *ONLINE (see below): °c/o gift subscriptions (from my old med-school friends who 'get' my *need to know*) to accessing published medical science studies & journals online; °taking credit-free-but-tuition-free courses from the universities who offer such things (MIT offers physics courses - which is Soooo cool!!!) & watching recorded medical lectures posted online (Berkeley is great about this!); °reading stacks of heavily discounted but current med school texts from students. I'd wanted to be a DR. (Psychiatric & Behavioural Neurobiology with emphasis on an anthro ‐ socio and an 'epidemiological ‐ viral ‐ bacterial' lens) before POTS left me mostly bedridden. My need to learn about everything - especially Medicine. Astronomy, Physics, & all Social Studies - has yet to be satiated. ▪︎my former POTS-literate doctor upon my discussing vasovagal stimulation & its relation to tachycardia, indicated that if vasovagal stimulation brings on Tachycardia, to avoid anything which causes said stimulation - albeit difficult as vasovagal stimulation in those sensitive to it will find it doesn't take much to experience tachycardia. •I hope this helps you to feel more validated with regard to POTS & Night Tachy. concerns. Be well & everyone try your best to live the best you can despite any & all limitations. ●PLEASE pardon any/all errors in spelling, grammar. & syntax • I'm going through a spate of the same ol' vision issues. *ONLINE: not to be mistaken with sometimes less savvy & generally socially frowned upon - for reasons both good & also less good - reasons which often feel & are dismissive & terrible - googling oneself into believing one has incurable plagues of their Everything & can only cure it with pricey crystals & 'essential' oil pyramid schemes.
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