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  1. My doctor encouraged me to be on potassium, magnesium, and calcium supplements with Florinef, as it depletes your levels. I also have my potassium checked with a basic metabolic panel once a month. It would be worth it to ask you doctor about checking those levels to see if it is adding to your symptoms. When my potassium is low I have low energy, waves of fatigue/dropping sensations, heart rate issues, etc. I hope you're feeling better!
  2. It would be interesting to know what the weather is like where you are. I find my POTS symptoms flare up and I feel terrible when the barometric pressure drops and a front comes through. Those are the times when I feel the same "dropping" sensation that you described.
  3. Today I hopped on the upright bike for 20 minutes in our apartment complex's gym. The AC was out (and it was 89 degrees outside!), so I couldn't complete my full 30 minutes. Felt great and even lifted a little when I got back home.
  4. I always make sure I have salty snacks, my sunglasses, water, and some kind of electrolyte drink on my trips! Best of luck!
  5. So sorry you're feeling crummy, Goodr189. I've had many days like that after a few pretty busy days before. One thing that helps me feel better when I have to get up and move is to pump my legs and contract my stomach muscles before I sit up. This helps me pump my blood around a bit and let my body know I'm about to move around. Then I make sure I sit for at least a minute before I get up and walk anywhere. Even on my worst days, it helps me feel more stable and not so wobbly.
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