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  1. Blood pressure spikes

    Hi do people get spikes for low blood pressure from just taking salt and some caffeine? I was supposed to try midodrine but was too scared because of the spikes and confused if I take tablets regularly would it make the spikes much worse .Anyone else worked thru this ? Many thanks
  2. Intermittent use Butchers Broom

    Thanks Missy M, I always have a coffee in the morning and that works but I can't then have another later in the day.
  3. Intermittent use Butchers Broom

    Thanks interesting I will persue this
  4. Intermittent use Butchers Broom

    Thanks, Sorry it was no good for you.Interesting to know about the diuretic effect.
  5. Hi Has anyone tried using Butchers broom just when you get up or as and when needed during the day . Wondering whether it kicks in within 30 min like midodrine and how long effects last Many thanks
  6. Sweats dysautomnia or menopause?

    Thanks corina, Blood test would be one way to find out the cause .
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if there are differences to determine if you are suffering from random sweats and chills caused by menopause or dysautomnia? I have NMH and have been experiencing symptoms for afew weeks now. Many thanks
  8. Symptomatic low nocturnal bp

    Many thanks will look into that.
  9. Symptomatic low nocturnal bp

    That's rough for you.No hadn't thought of sleep apnea . I don't know what my O2 levels are but had vaguey thought of buying a night mrasuring oxomiter.I generally lie down on my back first then roll to one side.
  10. Symptomatic low nocturnal bp

    Interesting.It's the same whichever side I lay on.
  11. Hi All, I am struggling to work out whether there is a point at which low nocturnal blood pressure becomes unsafe. I have ncs . I am a side sleeper and often wake every night with queasy stomach, feeling like I am struggling to breathe normally , quickening pulse . My bp is around 79 over 45. Whereas on my back it is 100 over 60. Any thoughts would be very welcome.
  12. worsening fatigue, cause ?

    Thanks , no specific concern just airing thoughts .
  13. worsening fatigue, cause ?

    Definitely! Do speech issues ever happen as a symptom on its own with alot of fatigue ? as I have experienced this with and without other symptoms and wondered if it is presyncope or something else??
  14. worsening fatigue, cause ?

    Yes me too, reassuring to know I am not the only one !
  15. worsening fatigue, cause ?

    Kaitlyn, I get tremors in my left hand which like you get worse with stress, fatigue etc.When I have had bad episodes I my legs are trembley, my speech stutters and slurs .Are speech issues a general symptom of OI ?