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  1. Help ! Anyone going thru this... I have vasovagal syncope reasonably managed.... Recently diagnosed with pebble size gallstone, causing nausea , pains aching under ribs and intermittent reflux, ibs. Now finding it is triggering pre syncope attacks and at night. Does anyone know if this is all related as I know vagus nerve function does affect bile production and digestion ?? Also ideas in dealing with it ?? Thanks
  2. Anyone out there manage day to day vasovagal episodes without the use of medications? I am curious to know if it is possible and How?
  3. lattegirl

    Blood pressure spikes

    Really helpful thanks and sorry you are having such a rough time hope things improve for you
  4. lattegirl

    Intermittent use Butchers Broom

    Thanks Ramatentesh, I have not noticed myself a difference in using butcher's broom but maybe you need to use it beyond 1 month to receive benefits or side effects.
  5. lattegirl

    Blood pressure spikes

    Interesting, I wonder how much is affected by our diet when not on meds as related to taking meds. Have you any experience on that too ?
  6. lattegirl

    Blood pressure spikes

    Pistol , Thanks for the input you are right but when I have good spells I tend to think it's not necessary .
  7. lattegirl

    Blood pressure spikes

    Hi do people get spikes for low blood pressure from just taking salt and some caffeine? I was supposed to try midodrine but was too scared because of the spikes and confused if I take tablets regularly would it make the spikes much worse .Anyone else worked thru this ? Many thanks
  8. lattegirl

    Intermittent use Butchers Broom

    Thanks Missy M, I always have a coffee in the morning and that works but I can't then have another later in the day.
  9. lattegirl

    Intermittent use Butchers Broom

    Thanks interesting I will persue this
  10. lattegirl

    Intermittent use Butchers Broom

    Thanks, Sorry it was no good for you.Interesting to know about the diuretic effect.
  11. Hi Has anyone tried using Butchers broom just when you get up or as and when needed during the day . Wondering whether it kicks in within 30 min like midodrine and how long effects last Many thanks
  12. lattegirl

    Sweats dysautomnia or menopause?

    Thanks corina, Blood test would be one way to find out the cause .
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if there are differences to determine if you are suffering from random sweats and chills caused by menopause or dysautomnia? I have NMH and have been experiencing symptoms for afew weeks now. Many thanks
  14. lattegirl

    Symptomatic low nocturnal bp

    Many thanks will look into that.
  15. lattegirl

    Symptomatic low nocturnal bp

    That's rough for you.No hadn't thought of sleep apnea . I don't know what my O2 levels are but had vaguey thought of buying a night mrasuring oxomiter.I generally lie down on my back first then roll to one side.