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  1. Hey Pistol, thanks for this ,really appreciated I don’t feel so anxious about it I will defo ease up! !
  2. I am 2 weeks on from 2nd covid jab and suffering weakness and fatigue. Today went to gym for a light workout so I don’t decondition , had a vv pre syncope episode lost my speech which came back talking gibberish then fluent foreign language! I got very agitated as what I was thinking was not what I was saying.Instructor said my lips went a bit blue.Hands were also bit blue. Never happened before! Can anyone shed any light on this please? Thank you
  3. Hi, That must be very frustrating for you, I suppose it is not related to changes in your sugar level? I know I get hypoglycemic and then the symptoms start for that too.
  4. Thanks! Wow not being dizzy sounds amazing so pleased for you ! Some people without these conditions have no idea what a big deal a break thru is!! My gym instructor's are the exception they are working over and above to help me have less symptoms they are amazing people!! You are right we are a determined bunch, my instructors have already said that of me and that I laugh alot once I am over another bad episode! 🤣 Takecare x
  5. You are making perfect sense! I'm inspired and hope one day to be where you are, you have come along way ,amazing and well done! I can only work part time and do try and push thru the warnings! I must learn to heed them! I Resisted medication for years, tried fludrocortisone ? Im sure I have written that wrong, which reacted badly so didn't want to try midodrine until now as episodes were getting frequent. I am slowly realising it is a combination of electrolytes, drugs, compression socks , diet etc and it's good to know I'm heading the right way! Thanks so much! Happy Christmas!
  6. Hi dancer 65, Wow that's great, so does it always stop the vvs from happening when you are teaching or can it occur later in the day or next day? Sorry , I am new to taking medication.
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone takes midodrine before working out at the gym? I have vasovagal presyncope and am having episodes each time I go to the gym.I take midrodine 1.25mg after the event when I am able to sit up but am wondering whether taking it before gym would stop the episode? Anyone have any info on this. Many thanks
  8. Hi Pistol, I recognise alot of the same symptoms thanks for helping clarify which is which !
  9. Hi Pistol Thanks for all the info , now I know loss of speech can last alot longer. I'm very interested in how you know the differences between hypoglycemia and presyncope as I struggle to know which is which. I will add protein - had not thought of that. Thank you !
  10. Hi, Thanks for your reply, Sorry to hear you had to give up work outs. Vagus triggers do include emmotional situations and I wonder if you are experiencing this with the phone call? I will give fruit juice a go although my 150ml coke had worked for the last 4 years. All the best
  11. Hi all, I have Vasovagal presyncope, Went to gym today, had tremors working out which were controlled with jelly shots.As I was leaving the gym became confused and had an episode - shaking, cold, dizzy light headed, unable to speak or lie down etc.Gym instructor took over, Usually a small coke brings me out of it but it didn't and had to have another jelly shot , possibly meaning the trigger was more low blood sugar than exercise fatigue. I was not able to speak for 30 mins and wondered is this normal as usually I can speak in about 10 minutes.It felt a bit scary as I didn't have a clue how to speak I knew what I wanted to say. Any thoughts would be great, also any ideas on how you cope with the exercise without triggering vvs. Many thanks 😊
  12. Some good ideas thanks I will try them out!
  13. They sound great I will have a go thanks !
  14. Thanks for ideas I will try the spray ! x
  15. Hi thanks will look into cooling vests. So far heatwave has no end in sight but temperatures are dipping with cloud cover which helps.
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