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  1. I have used organic ones in the past but I just let it in my mouth because you can absorb through mucus membranes. I cant stand the smell or taste. It is a last ditch effort and helps with brain fog and for some weird reason, GI issues. Sometimes my whole body just shuts down and I cant even get water to leave my stomach. If I have one, its outside and not around my kids. I wear a drape and a glove so I don't wreak of smoke smell. I scrub my face and teeth right away. I don't know if it is worth the temporary benefit. I have on occasion used the gum. If you get the 4 mg ones, they cost
  2. I don't take B's per se but my recent blood tests show that they were abnormally high!!! Weird right? So then the dr ordered the MTHFR test and I came back positive for 2 mutations recently. From what I know so far, these mutations cause your body to not break down the B family very well and so your cells cant use them...so you feel tired all the time. The blood tests can show high levels (or not) but the body is not using them very well. I happen to eat a very good diet so that is likely where I am getting the overload from. I started taking a form specially created for people with the ge
  3. I smell burning rubber/ plastic and bleach for no reason. I run around the house looking for a fire. I never find one! Its usually when I am loopy for no reason as well. Iv never been dxed with seizures but I get what I call the "pop fizzies"...then I have to sleep for at least 4 hours. I know it is a deep seizure in an area of my brain that does not inhibit movement or consciousness. The way I got around this is to get on a pain medication that is used for nerve pain and also seizures. It helps even when the Drs. and tests are of no help.
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