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  1. I take 120mg mestinon 3x a day. It has been a "miracle drug" for me that has given me my life back. I did have muscle spasms in the beginning. And I did start at a much lower dose, 30mg twice a day up to where I am now.
  2. I was doing very bad while working as a floor RN and in January 2013 I had to drop to an as needed basis which was very, very part time. In August I took more of a "desk job" as a school nurse and I'm able to work full time and I'm doing very well.
  3. AM: Mestinon (2), Zantac, Allegra, probiotic 2pm: mestinon (2) Bedtime: mestinon (2), Allegra, Zantac, singulair, melatonin, topamax 14 total. Sometimes more if I need prn's. Too many
  4. I saw dr. Grubb last week and he did tell me tachycardia during REM sleep is normal in non pots patients and exacerbated in pots patients. I often have tachycardia that wakes me up at night. He said this is normal due to rem sleep. He increased my bedtime dose of mestinon to help with it.
  5. I failed Florinef and midodrine also. Other than side effects I got no help from them. I take mestinon and it helps me immensely.
  6. Thank you. That seems to be the dosing that I'm reading in articles... My MD has me on 75mg twice a day, so I was curious.
  7. For those of you with mast cell/autoimmune issues and take Zantac as a H2 blocker... How much do you take and how often?
  8. Mine gets very very narrow sometimes. I've had it as low as 5 before. It's usually around 30.
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