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  1. Ok so here's my update. I came off my Effexor and Lexipro. I went a few days without my propranolol and tramadol as well for a clean re-test. I completed my retest today. No official results, but the tech reviewed my previous test to the new one and they are pretty similar. I have I high resting heart rate around 100 for both tests. The valsalva test and deep breathing tests were the same, neither showed a major drop in BP. And on the tilt, my original test I went +38bpm on tilt and the new test I went +31bpm. So, officially the tilt is still positive for POTS. He told me my BP drops, but no
  2. The first 5 minutes after I woke up in recovery from my upper GI is the only time I've felt halfway decent in the last year. I wish they offered sedation for urodynamics and cystoscopy. Some things a man should not see or feel.
  3. Thanks for the replies. So it's possible my meds might be hiding more of a problem rather than being the cause of the positive test results? I was also wondering if there would be any benefit for me in attempting any self treatment. Right now, I'm back on my propranolol LA 80mg twice a day, but that is for my migraines. Would compression socks or anything like that benefit me if I didn't show signs of orthostatic hypotension? I'm just wanting to feel better. Right now, docs are just in standby while I slowly titrate off the Effexor, which will take a while because of my high dose and the majo
  4. I'm new to the boards and have been trying to read and learn. I recently had a tilt test and got the results back the other day. I'm a little confused though and hoping some of you more experienced can give me info. I'm a 36 year old male. 5'9" 140lbs, recovering from TBI residuals for the last year. When I did my test, I did the test where you blow in the tube real slow a few times, then the valsalva test, then the tilt test. This first two apparently didn't show much. But, I was positive on the tilt. I started with a HR of 100 bpm and immediately raised to135 bpm, then 148 bpm at 3 minutes,
  5. Great video. Thank you for putting it together. It was very educational, and put a number of things in perspective for me.
  6. That's awesome that Effexor got you those results. I was started on Effexor a while back and am now looking to have to change, likely to Cymbalta due to a recent Fibro diagnosis. I'm currently maxed out on Effexor (350mg a day), maxed on Lexipro (20mg a day), and klonopin. None of it has really seemed to help me much. Your success in finding the right med that works for you is the perfect illustration of how crazy and difficult these conditions are to manage and how important it is to never give up until you find the unique combination that works great. Your story gives me hope.
  7. I never thought about the water temp aggravating my conditions until I read this. Showers are a nightmare time for me because my balance problems are way worse in the shower. I use a shower chair to help some, but still come out in rough shape. I always just figured it was my vestibular damage causing this. I'm going to have to try cooler showers now. Hmmm... Thanks for sharing.
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