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  1. I got tired of the 2-hour drive to my acupuncturist, so I just sent him a voodoo doll Actually, I've never tried it, but I know a lot of legitimate studies have shown acupuncture has some real benefits. I don't know if any of the studies have looked at POTS though.
  2. Not Zoloft, but I've had chronic insomnia off-and-on for years. I recently switched back to Citalopram and the insomnia came back with a vengeance. For me, the only thing that seems to help is Benadryl, for some reason - even prescription sleep pills don't help me. My problem is usually not falling asleep, but staying asleep. I wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and can't get back to sleep even though I'm exhausted. The down side to taking Benadryl for me is that I feel kind of foggy all day, but I still function better than when I've gone a week with very little sleep.
  3. I started several years ago on Lexapro (family doctor was treating chronic insomnia/panic attacks at the time - pre-POTS-diagnosis). Eventually I switched to Citalopram because I changed jobs and coverage for Lexapro got real expensive. That seemed to do fine for a while, but after a while the insomnia returned. I switched to Nortryptaline for a couple of years, but some of the other side-effects became too bad, so my doctor switched back to Citalopram a couple of months ago. This time the side-effects were horrendous, splitting headaches, nausea for at least a week and terrible insomnia that
  4. My symptoms come and go, but I'm able to live a fairly normal life. For me, finding a regular exercise routine helps a lot. I started out years ago doing a pretty easy 15-minute yoga routine every morning - my wife got me a video called A.M. Yoga. I still try to do it almost every day and I find even on bad days I can usually handle that. I've also started doing just 10 push-ups after my yoga. The push-ups started about a year ago. The weird thing is, sometimes I can knock out 10 without much trouble at all and other days I have to really struggle to finish the last couple. It seems like in "n
  5. I haven't had this recently, but I remember having this as a kid/teenager. It happened quite frequently (not daily, but probably a couple of times a month). I used ice because it was so uncomfortable. That would have been in the late 70s/early 80s so I never really figured out what it was.
  6. Thanks for all the info everyone. I'm trying to sort through a long history of possibly related symptoms. I'm fairly lucky in that my symptoms have been as debilitating for me as they seem to be for a lot of people, but it still makes life a lot harder than it ought to be.
  7. I'm new here, but so far, I've found people really helpful. I'm trying to wrap my brain around what's going on with me. I had a Tilt Table Test about two years ago that indicated a possibility of POTS, but I've had symptoms for about as long as I can remember. Anxiety and Panic Disorder were brought up in about '96 or '97, but I think those symptoms could have been related to Dysautonomia. Anyway, last week someone here suggested that I look into Mast Cell issues. I'm curious how people would recommend I follow up on that - or what symptoms I should look for to decide if that is something I sh
  8. Thanks for the responses people. I'm sure everyone here realizes how frustrating this can be to deal with.
  9. Thanks issie, I'm just wrapping my head around POTS, but I've seen a couple of comments today about Mast Cell and it seemed like something I should learn more about... this is like peeling an onion :-(
  10. Thanks kimbellgirl, I'm reluctant to get too many drugs flowing through my body, but I need to find something to help me sleep. So far Benadryl seems to help a little, but I'm still only getting 4-5 hours of sleep, which is better than 1-3, but over time it still takes it's toll. I tried Melatonin, but it did absolutely nothing to help me sleep.
  11. Here's what I would add from my own experience: One of my worst symptoms is the insomnia (and lack of deep sleep as mentioned by Tachy above). I also have trouble with temperature regulation. I'm very intolerant of being too hot or too cold. Does anyone else have itchy ears? That's a weird one and it only started after I first started on antidepressants, but it's continued through many med changes.My #3 brings up another question I often wonder about my own symptoms. Could some of these symptoms be side-effects of medications?
  12. I get the weird hearing anomalies too. I'm only recently putting all these symptoms together as POTS-related. I ended up in ER years ago with what seemed like a heart attack. It turned out my heart was fine, but heart rate was extremely high. Later visits to various cardiac specialists showed an incredibly low resting heart rate, but no cardiac problems. Eventually I chalked it up to panic disorder and continued to live with these "attacks" multiple times a day, every day for years. A few years ago a doctor put me on Lexapro for my horrible insomnia and that seemed to also end the "panic attac
  13. This is my first post too. Though I've been checking out this site for a couple of years now. I had a TTT and it looks like I have POTS, but I've had a real hard time with meds. For me, one of the worst problems I have is terrible, chronic insomnia (early waking, I don't usually have trouble falling asleep) which then makes all my symptoms get worse when I go a few weeks without sleep. The first time (pre POTS diagnosis) Lexapro was the first thing that helped insomnia. But over time, meds seem to lose their effectiveness so I end up trying a new one. Recently, I was actually in a pretty good
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