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  1. I've been having a bit of a POTS flare due to yet another viral infection. I only had a cold and sore throat, but my tachy was worse the last few days (120+ at rest, it was 140 in the hospital, when it's usually about 80) and I have been feeling a little more winded than usual with some chest pains, so I decided to go to the emergency room just to be on the safe side. They did an EKG and bloods and my troponin came back at 0.02. The cutoff for normal is 0.034. So technically it's still below the threshold. But I've heard troponin levels should ideally be at 0 in most people. Apparen
  2. Sorry you've had a flare, it seems this time of year is notoriously bad due to all the germs floating around. POTS flareups are common after catching a virus. Even those without dysautonomia tend to have higher heartrate during a viral illness. Is your blood pressure lower than usual? Can you get ahold of your doctor to discuss why your beta blocker might not be working? You might simply need a higher dosage but of course you'll have to discuss this with your physician first. I had a bad flare during October after a stomach virus and my heartrate was also consistently higher than usual fo
  3. I have also been dealing with some heavy fatigue for the past week. I felt too weak to physically move from the couch at times, and like I could fall asleep while standing in line at the checkout. Brain fog is also worse, I've been spacing out more and find it hard to concentrate when people are talking to me. From what I've read on this forum, it seems a lot of people with POTS or dysautonomia struggle during this time of year. Like you said it could be the combination of the seasonal changes, temperature fluctuations (it's cold outside but often overheated indoors in many places which can pr
  4. Well as I was getting dressed for bed I noticed a bit of weird swelling in my leg today. Most people say their ankle or whole calf swelled up. Well, this swelling is weird, it's slightly bulgey, localized and near the surface in one patch. No pain, but there's a patch maybe 6cm long and 4cm wide, and less than 1cm raised, on the front of my left calf, that is swollen. It's hard to see from the front or just by looking, but when I look down at my legs, especially under a light, I can see the shadow where it's definitely raised. I have always had some pretty thick blue veins underneath that patc
  5. As far as I know it's common for any kind of infection or virus to increase HR. It's your body's way of trying to pump it's white blood cells around the body more efficiently, 'patrolling' for sources of infection. If you develop a fever or severe pain/swelling, it'd be best to see a doctor.
  6. I was on propranolol for 4 years and it helped a lot. I came off it and felt fine for about 6 months, then relapsed last month. I have tried the propranolol again and while it lowers my high HR, it isn't doing anything for my dizziness anymore. In fact, I've heard that when you use beta blockers long term, the body tries as hard as it can to 'unblock' these blocked signals. Usually by increasing adrenaline production. So now I feel that my body has become extremely sensitive to adrenaline and thus much more symptomatic. Don't get me wrong, it worked great all those years, but I'm going to expl
  7. Sometimes my bp is lower, sometimes it's normal, sometimes I'm hypertensive. I have felt dizzy and lightheaded at all of these pressures. For me, I think it has less to do with bp and much more to do with heart rate. Slow and fast heartrates can both lead to lightheadedness. In both cases the body is struggling to circulate oxygenated blood around the entire body. I also have felt lightheaded sitting and sometimes laying down. Currently I am in the middle of a POTS flare, so my lightheadedness is awful, I keep getting those weird 'trapdoor' 'falling' sensations even when sitting. It is NOT ve
  8. Thank you guys so much for all your advice and support, for taking the time to reply in such detail, and for sharing your experiences. I am still extremely stressed and anxious, and still feeling lightheaded, breathless and tachy. I haven't had a d-dimer since this breathlessness started, so I went back to the ER. They did blood tests but didn't even do another d dimer even though I told them I was specifically worried about clots. Doctor was brusque and not interested. So no CT again. I'm still very symptomatic, stressed, anxious, and financially worse off thanks to the cab fare. My gran
  9. Like you, for the first few years, my HR would go up to 120 on standing. It left me dizzy and lightheaded and tired, but with enough hydration and salt loading I could manage it. My symptoms remained stable for 6 years. However, after contracting 2/3 stomach/upper respiratory tract viruses in October, my symptoms have markedly worsened. The lightheadedness and dizziness is much more frequent, even when sitting. I have been experiencing frequent exhaustion and chest pain, still not sure if it's heart related or just bad reflux. My tachycardia has worsened considerably. I was at the emergen
  10. Thanks for providing all this info. I've read up quite a lot on PEs and recognise a lot of what you're saying. I don't think they'd even consider such extensive precautionary anticoagulant therapy. I was given one dose of heparin at the hospital when they said I'd be getting a CT, but the second doctor immediately cessated heparin treatment and cancelled the possibility of CT. I know CTs are a LOT of radiation for the body to cope with. It's just upsetting and frustrating how the doctor from weeks ago ordered a CT that I didn't even need/want. I know he was doing what he thought was best
  11. I'm not sure. The doctor said that if my heart rate is going that high (mine is currently at 130-140 standing and at the hospital it actually went up to 193 or something) with such minimal extertion it's like running for other people, so it's no wonder I'm feeling breathless. I am also trying to ignore it and I do feel better in the mornings. It's after eating or being on my feet too long I feel terrible. And yes talking also leaves me breathless!
  12. Your description is what I'm worried about. I know high heart rates will make you breathless but usually I can tolerate high heart rates pretty well without feeling too out of breath. But I currently feel winded just walking at a slowish pace. So it's weird. At this point I've consulted so many doctors and know none of them will order a CT. So what more can I do I guess? I'm sorry you went through such a horrible experience but you're very lucky it was found in time! Can I ask if your vitals (like your spO2 levels or BP) or your ECG at the hospital before your diagnosis showed any abnorm
  13. Thanks for your reply. I am just concerned because shortness of breath is definitely not normal for me. I am not asthmatic or anything like that. Even when my HR is in the 150s and I'm walking around, I still never felt this short of breath before. I would like to see a pulmonologist but a referral will take months and this has come on suddenly so that's why I'm so worried. I am okay laying flat but as soon as I even sit up I feel the air hunger. My breathing is faster than usual too. I have a history of hyperventilation but usually slow breathing fixes any tingling in my hands. The tingling w
  14. 3 nights ago I went to the ER again because my heart rate was 150+ just sitting and I had a blood pressure of 170/150 which is the highest I've seen both values at rest I think. After laying flat for a while it came down to 130 then 110 or so (but it still shoots up on standing) They did blood tests (all were okay with the exception of the d-dimer (clotting test) which came back slightly elevated. At first they injected me with 1 dose of heparin and told me they were going to do a lung CT as my HR was still high, I was feeling very dizzy and quite short of breath. Then yesterday my shortn
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