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  1. Thanks a lot WinterSown for your reply! No one seem to know what causes my dizziness! some blame it on anxiety and other on zoloft and some on migraine. They keep throwing on me medication in hope that something will work. I'm tired of this and can't go on with my life like this. I just hope one day I wake up and it goes away on its own.
  2. Hi all, Is POTS associated with vertigo! I've been suffering from bad vertigo since started to suffer from POTS symptoms. I was diagnosed with a tilt table test. My vertigo is almost every day but waxes and wanes. It feels like I'm floating in water and sometimes dizziness with right head turn with tinnitus. It gets worse when I'm on my computer or cellphone and when shopping. I stopped driving due to this issue. When it's bad I have imbalance in my gait. It's frustrating. When I get these vertigo episodes my BP and HR is usually normal like 108/78 and HR in the 80s which makes everything more confusing. My neurologist thinks it's vestibular migraine and started me on lamictal. I also take zoloft and read that dizziness is one of the side effects. When the episodes are bad, I'm unable to move a lot from bed and can't go to work. I'm worried that I'm going to lose my job over this problem 😥. Do you guys experience similar thing and what do you do to help with it? Your input is appreciated. Thanks, Aida
  3. Hi all, Since diagnosed with POTS and I feel dizzy all the time. Although other symptoms of POTS improved with exercise and lifestyle changes, I remain with this horrible dizziness! It’s all the time and even when my BP is fine (ex: 111/77). This does not get worse with postural changes. I feel like passing out all the time but does not happen (probably anxiety from the dizziness). My doctor thinks it’s some sort of a vertigo related dizziness but I don’t have the typical vertigo symptoms like room spinng around.I describe the dizziness as feeling that my body is floating, mild imbalance and feeling of dissociation ( like everything looks weird to me). the dizziness gets worse in closed spaces and markets. Not sure how to overcome this! I started migraine medication Lamictal for possible vestibular migraine but not helping! Does anyone experiencethe same thing and what helps with it?
  4. Thanks all so much!! That's very helpful!
  5. Hi all, I was recently diagnosed with POTS! I uave my good and bad days. I’m on exercise program and zoloft and both help a lot. I still get episodes of impending doom accompanied by dizziness and urgency to defecate! These episodes last for 5 minutes and goes away. Are these symptoms typical of POTS? My doctor thinks it’s related but wantes to check with you. Not sure why i have this urgency to defecate when I get these episodes. I’m very worried there is something else going on that was left undiagnosed. Please help me with this! Aida
  6. Thanks all so much! sharing your experiences is definitely so helpful! God bless you all!
  7. Hi All, After a long struggle with POTS flare! I feel that I'm ready to go back to work but little anxious and worried about it! Wanted to check with you, are any of you able to do full time job with no problems! My job is mainly seeing patients as a nurse personal assistance and take their vitals and room them. I need encouragement! I need to go back to work otherwise, I'll feel desperate. Please let me know if any of you able to do a full time job and of any tips to keep you upright while in it? Thanks, Aida
  8. Hi All, I hope you all are doing well! I was recently diagnosed with moderate POTS :( I feel dizzy all the time, very mild but feels like my head is light, not sure if this is related to POTS or my migraine! I feel dizzy despite my blood pressure and heart rate being within good ranges. Do any of you have similar issue and how do you combat it? Also, did I was started on florinef and very hesitant to start it given side effects and the fact that I don't want to be on medications for the rest of my life! Did it actually made a difference to any of you with symptoms? I'll appreciate your input! I'm new to this world and any advice would be helpful! Thanks, Aydah
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