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  1. Hi, Miqual! I am hoping you still ae able to view these messages...

    Have you found the cause for you elevated N-Type Ca+ antibody? I had a highly unusual N-Type Ca+ antibody on my paraneoplastic panel from the Jacksonville Mayo clinic,  that it caught the attention of two Neuroimmunologists at the Rochester Mayo. All other blood work, PET SCAN, CT,echocardiogram, MRI and Lumbar Puncture were negative. I am to continue to follow up to check for any changes in diagnostics. I have Celiac Disease and wonder if anyone else out there with this antibody has Celiac as well...looking for some sort of correlation. Thanks!

  2. My Dr's assistant mentioned that particular Autoimmune antibody is often found after people catch Epstein Bar and the Dr isn't reading into the test result much yet. He wants to do all the Autonomic Neuro testing first and pair it all together. When I had my first appointment with him after fighting to get my old GP to get me to see a Dysautonomia specialist, I suspected there would be an autoimmune component found given my family history and asked the Dr if that could be investigated. On my Dad's side, one aunt has Lupus, another aunt had Graves Disease and had her thyroid removed, my g
  3. Hi everyone, after a detour to being fully medically prepped and literally days away from surgery to remove my adrenal gland even though they had no MRI/CT evidence to match the mIBG scan and hormome levels, an outside Endo stepped in and said it wasn't Pheo. I'm back in the Autonomic Neuro direction for diagnosis. My Autonomic Neuro specialist at Stanford had sent my blood off for the Mayo Autoimmune profile and the results just pushed to my patient web account so I could see. It's showing the presence of "Calcium Channel Binding Antibody, N-type." It says "This profile, in the proper cl
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