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    My interests include spending time with God and prayer every morning and ending each day, giving to him my thanks for all the day had to hold. Spending time with Mike my boyfriend, family, and friends are top of my list. I love seeing the beach when the weather is cool and I am able. I love art and design.

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  1. Garrett, When I want to social with friends, like everyone else , drinking is more extreme for us. You will need to experiment what you are able to handle. Be careful of the meds you take too, mixing can have a horrible effect. I may sugguest that definitely eat when having a cocktail, salted nuts, olives, chips, etc.. I sometimes have a Bloody Mary, with V8 as the mixer, it has salt in it, and you get your vitatmins too. Fruitie drinks, have alot of sugar, so you can get a sugar rush, and not sleep too. But crashing the next day is the worst. Be sure to drink water before going to bed, and even keep some by your bedside. Be safe and listen to your body. Kathleen
  2. Hi Maggie, I read your post, and it made me giggle. Not in a bad way, but of course this has happened to me too! It isn't really the problem of the heart, or that you didn't push the cart, or drive in that awful cart, that beeps when you go in reverse, REALLY, wide load beeping, give me a break, what is with the beeping. This is really about being a very young woman in the prime of her life growing her family, wanting to be NORMAL, and trying to be as much as possible. Then in a everyday moment, "that everyone else does", we are reminded that OOPS, not you lady. I myself am very stubborn. My family always says drive the cart, don't go shopping, we will do it. But, we want to have our lives back. Be in control. And when we aren't, WE GET MAD!!! So rant and rave, and know that you are not alone. Someone like me is listening, and feeling the same. But remember, LAUGH, out loud if you have to. For the day brings us many great moments too. Just look at your beautiful babies, and all the silly things they do. Have a awesome day Maggie, Thank you for reminding me, that I am not alone. Kathleen
  3. Hi Mack's Mom, Julie, I just listened to all three songs of Mack. I love his raspie voice. I liked Stop Judging Me the Best. Congrats to you Mack. I admire you for you goals and dreams. Remember dreams stay dreams until you make them a reality. It looks like that is just what you are doing. I will look for that proud moment from your mom, when she says that you made it to the top of the charts!!! As for you Mom, Julie, Keep up the great love and support you show for your son. Our children may think we are dorks, but they need us always in their corner, to help them achieve in life's journey. It is great to see a mom be so PROUD of her son. God has blessed Mack with a wonderful talent, and a great Mom! Kathleen
  4. I have been reading the chit chat room discussions. As I sit here and read, I am overwhelmed with emotions. I have been a POTHEAD since Sept.21,2008. Well, long before that,but on that day I was finally told I was not crazy afterall, and a wonderful doctor from UVA actually took the time to put all the symptoms together, listen, and basically just care enough to realize all that was happening had to be something more that stress. As I read all the symptoms everyone have, the lists, oh my. So do I, with so many. Thoughout the years, the symptoms have always been treated as seperate things. I can go back as far as about 12 when things started. I use to have to walk to school back and forth each day. It was just under a mile, one way. I can remember how hard it was, one time even blacking out on the side of the road in a patch of grass. Waking up and it was night. Making it home, I don't even know how, getting yelled out by my parents. Taken to the doctor only to be told my iron was a tad bit low. Throughtout the years, the symptoms increased, the outcomes were just added to the growing list of " seperate illnesses". And up until 2008, UNKNOWN. I will take the time soon to add "My Story" to Dinet. The symptoms always throughout the years were the same. But depending on the doctor, the answers would change. Now, I am 52. I know what I have. If anyone has had anything similar of the following I would love some insight. I have seisure like episodes. I have just come from a week at UNC hospital on a video EEG. They used lights and breathing to bring on 2 seperate seisures. Come to find out that the 'TEAM" only deals with Epilepic types. Which we already knew was not my case. Not one person on that TEAM has a clue to POTS. My doctor at UNC is a specialist in POTS, but was not there to SEE for herself. SO of course not monitoring of my pressures or heart was not done other than in a lying down position. Well lying down in the middle of a seisure, it shot to 161/80 with a very low heart rate of 50. Even though we told them to sit me up etc...they said it wasn't nessecary. I have no answers, except that they want me to see a eye specialist, and a internist who could group things together and look into something other than neurological. Oh yeah, guess what, they also had me see a therapist to rule out CRAZY, once again. They ruled out the sugar being to low, as also any blood defeciencies. I use to know when the episodes where coming on, but now, it is more often, like one everyother week. I have usually been active so to speak when they occur. I call it happy stress, not overworried stress. Which in my reading makes me still feel this is POTS, but, my doctor isn't so sure. The seisure like episodes are as follows: My body becomes like lead. I feel llike I need to lye down and sleep immediately. I have extreme pressue in the back of my head and neck and shoulders, I feel like my head is bleeding inside, and I can't hold it up, it hangs to the left. My vision changes and my eyes come to a stare. I right side of my body goes limp and I start tremoring. Then I pass out. I am unaware of what I say or do, and it can take hours to days for me to regain my mental and physical self. My heart rate is also very low, and at times it seems that I stop breathing, it beocmes so shallow with grasping for air. It can take a day or so to stop moving or walking without parkinson looking movements. Of course my speech and word processing is also effected. This can happen when I watch T.V., am outside, even upon waking up in the morning. There is never a certain thing that brings it on that myself or my family can pin point. I am worried of course for not only myself and the long term as to what this will do to my body, but also for my family. For them to see this. I was once a very independent woman, who now is never left alone. I do not drive anymore of course. Although on a not so funny note, the doctors at UNC stated that I must be glad that since this is not epilepic seisures and can go ahead and drive. Can you believe that one. Anyway, if anyone has any information or has had the same things happen and can send me in another direction. I would appreciate it. P.S. my spelling may be off, that foggy brain thing and my hands don't seem to work together. Everyone, my we all have the blessings of God today, laughter, love, and give thanks for all the little wonders we accomplish today. Kathleen
  5. Hi I am new to Chit-Chat, and my one liner is: Yes, I am a POT HEAD. See, after growing up in the 70's when, Pot was the in-thing to do, and I didn't. My friends always teased me to try, Who knew, I always was xo
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