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  1. Garrett, When I want to social with friends, like everyone else , drinking is more extreme for us. You will need to experiment what you are able to handle. Be careful of the meds you take too, mixing can have a horrible effect. I may sugguest that definitely eat when having a cocktail, salted nuts, olives, chips, etc.. I sometimes have a Bloody Mary, with V8 as the mixer, it has salt in it, and you get your vitatmins too. Fruitie drinks, have alot of sugar, so you can get a sugar rush, and not sleep too. But crashing the next day is the worst. Be sure to drink water before going to bed, and even keep some by your bedside. Be safe and listen to your body. Kathleen So if I keep myself hydrated and take precautions with how I feel, It should be relatively safe? Thanks. Garrett
  2. Do you guys think it would help if I matched my alcohol intake with fluids and also ate some salty food, before or while I was drinking?
  3. Heyy again guys :] I'm just wondering how alcohol effects people with pots, It almost saddens me to think that alcohol will have such a bad effect on me that ill never be able to drink or party or go out with my friends for a casual drink. Is this true or does alcohol only have a minor effect like hot weather does or other little differences? Please share your thoughts and experiences cause id hate to never be able to drink in my life D: Thanks guys. Garrett
  4. I don't think I have amnesia or anything like that D: I'm thinking its just more like the POTS doing it.
  5. Thanks guys for the posts. I hope its nothing like amnesia or anything or that sort I don't really have trouble with remembering my past or even what I ate yesterday, Its like id do something the be completely unaware that I did it very soon after. I'm probably going to the doctor soon I'm just scared it might be something bad or incurable Hopefully it works out. Garrett
  6. Heyy guys, I've been having some trouble with my memory lately and its really starting to scare me, I find I'm forgetting to do things that a wouldn't normally forget and i feel "spaced" at times. Please tell me your thoughts and experience on POTS and memory, Also what I can do to help with it, Is it just a phase? It's really starting to bother me. Thanks guys Garrett
  7. Thanks Dianna! those were some great suggestions, I really appreciate all the advice you guys are giving me, Thanks! Garrett
  8. I also had mono a couple years ago in grade 8, It sure does take a lot out of you. Funny thing was I was never really tired with mono, even though that's one of the main complaints. Judging by how my tiredness went away yesterday I think maintaining hydration and salt intake as well as getting up and getting the blood moving helps with the tiredness a tremendous amount. Also let me know if any one else has more suggestions or ideas id love to hear them Garrett
  9. I know someone with CFS, The tiredness I'm talking about is much more mild.
  10. I tried just upping my salt and water intake by about double and got up and moved around and it seemed to help a lot! Thank you guys for the suggestions. Garrett
  11. Hopefully those things will help, I have a busy week ahead, Thank you guys so much! Garrett
  12. Hello guys , I`m just wondering do you feel more tired with pots, especially in a flare up? and what do you do that seems to help make it better? salt, water ect? I'm just wondering this because i've been feeling more tired lately and im wondering if it would be from the lack of salt and water I'm taking or a flare up. Id love to hear your advice. Thank you. Garrett
  13. Thanks for your posts, I'm currently not taking any medication, I usually find salts enough to deal with the symptoms. I managed to fix my symptoms from the other day I just upped the salt does that one time and felt quite a bit better, I was told you can have ups and downs with POTS I'm guessing it as just a flare up from the heat we were having. Thank you guys for your recommendations, I appreciate it a lot. Garrett
  14. Heyy again guys Usually with I just treat my POTS with added salt and plenty of water, This seems to bring my symptoms to a level where i can deal with them, but recently I've been feeling extra sick (must be the hot weather or stress) and when trying to get relief from my symptoms with my normal salt and water treatment it doesn't seem to be working very well at all. Do any of you guys know if salt eventually stops helping you? or can salt just not help as much in a flare up? The salt seems to be helping some just not as much as it usually does, I'm scared the salt will stop helping me D: If you could give me your opinions on this, that would be great Also do you guys know anything that would also help with rapid heart beat, muscle pain, and redness/thickness feeling/blood pooling in the leg? Thanks so much Garrett.
  15. Hey again guys, I recent have been having this odd shock feeling when moving my eyes, Its like a small shock that travels to the back of your head its strange. I know these happen a lot when coming off certain medications, but I'm not coming off any medications. I'm currently taking Garasone ear drops and Amoxicillin for a ear and throat infection I have. I started noticing these "brain zaps" a day or two after taking the Amoxicillin and I recall something like this happening last time I took Amoxicillin also, but I almost have a hard time believing that caused it, cause I've taken Amoxicillin so many times in the past and it has done nothing negative really. Please tell me if any of you guys know anything about this or experienced something like this before. I hope its not something dangerous : \ . Thanks Again guys Garrett
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