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  1. I had cervical fusion at the c7/8 area. The surgery itself was a huge success. However, I believe the trauma of the surgery is what triggered my dysautonomia, as I was perfectly fine before. I was in constant pain in the upper back, neck and head prior to surgery, and nothing worked. I could literally feel relief while coming to after the surgery. The downfall..... I no longer have a life due to the onset of dysautonomia soon after. Not sure if this helps you or makes it worse. I guess what I would say is if you allready have dysautonomia, then maybe the surgery could alleviate some aspects of your spine issues.
  2. Mighty mouse, I actually have the word Agony with a heart an ekg rythm tatoo on my chest!!!!
  3. When I have a bad flare, my legs hurt quite bad. They feel so heavy and sore, like I ran a marathon. I have been in the ER before, and my legs will start shaking so bad the bed rocks. The docs say its just anxiety!!!!!
  4. Hey, couldn't find ya on facebook. my email address for facebook is DEBRAA99@yahoo.com
  5. Was just curious if anyone would be willing to share myspace links? Just thought it might be a great way to help "educate" our friends and family who are on our myspace pages, if they read comments/blogs from those of us that deal with this. In other words, if they see comments on your page from someone else who has it, maybe it will help with the understanding. Just a thought.
  6. USELESS. ALONE. MISUNDERSTOOD. MISERABLE. LET DOWN. Sorry, one word didn't cut it!!
  7. My thought on this..... Let's start "labeling" the doctors. Here's my list: Incompetent Maybe impotent and that's why the attitude Arrogant Biased Money hungry plugged ears(since they don't seem to be able to listen to a ##### thing we say graduate of online physician program Power kick syndrome Care to add any that I may have missed?
  8. I don't want to single you out here, but this is where I am much different. I will NEVER accept this as my life because this is not who I am. A few years ago the hair on the left side of my head had completely fallen out and I went to a forum to get some ideas on what to do about it. They said the same thing as you, to accept the fact that your hair is gone forever. No that wasn't an option for me and I left the group not long after that. Well I started researching and eventually I found the cause of my hair loss and it's all grown back. If I had just accepted it, then I'd probably be wearing a wig now. Dana, I feel the same as you. I will never accept it either. The "me" is gone, replaced by a useless, couch ridden piece of flesh. Can't accept it!!!!!!
  9. How you were treated at CC does not surprise me at all. Was treated the same way. I did the TTT there, had to stop about 5 minutes in due to chest pain. Results were read by Dr. F. She stated severe positive result. Yet Doctor J, "overruled" her and said it was the Coreg I was on. Funny, I wasn't on Coreg then. I had stopped it about 2 weeks prior. Unfortunately, I have to go back there this coming week. Most definitely will not go back to Dr. J if I can avoid it. The fact that he was promoted to director has clearly gone to his head. I have asked repeatedly for written tests results, and got nothing. You are right, many Doctors look good on paper and that is it.
  10. Apparently, it must be in all of our heads. Wow, didn't realize there could be sooooo many people with similar symptoms who are "just depressed". I have had it with these people who don't even deserve to be addressed as Doctor. And for some reason, that can't seem to grasp the concept that there is no way a person would travel for hours on end to seek relief if there truly was not a physical issue going on. Has anyone ever thought about printing off some of the topics and answers on here and shoving them in the doctor's face? I know it's been suggested to me to be polite to the doctor, even if I disagree. Why? It only reinforces in his/her mind that they can continue to get away with their dismissive, degrading, disrespectful attitudes. God I am so sick of it too!!!!!!!
  11. Angela, Can you tell me more about this Doctor? Is this a cardiologist? What have they done for you? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences with Cleveland Clinic? I saw Dr. Jaegar, and was not impressed at all. He belittled me, thought it was funny that I had been to so many doctors, and was just plain arrogant. The problem is, not sure if I have any other options at this point but to go back. Symptoms out of control. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for responding Sue. Never had any urine testing done. If I can ever get back to a specialist somewhere, I will mention that.
  14. Not sure if you like iced tea, but snapple tea is very good. Also, Lipton makes a great bottled green tea that comes in diet as well.
  15. Thanks Erika. Not sure how to do the PM thing?
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