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  1. I get this pain too. It feels like someone is cutting me. The family dr. keeps telling me it's Fibromalgia. But it is definitely related to the blood pooling. I have noticed it being much worse when I had my worst spells. (which for me have been when I reacted to medications. ) What is EDS? Julie
  2. The tilt table test for me was very hard. My blood pressure dropped and I passed out in 4 minutes. But before I passed out, I was crying and begging her to stop it, and saying that I couldn't take it anymore. I think it was just as bad as childbirth for me. And I hope I never have to get another one. Julie
  3. Nina, Yes, it is Dr. Goodkin that I see. I actually just had my first visit with him on Feb. 10. But he seems wonderful. Did he do anything that helped you? Jackie The dr. told me the cranial osteopathy is a form of manipulation ( but different that what a chiropracter would do.) Some people with POTS have brain stem compression into the spine.(or something like that), and if this is the case the cranial osteopathy would help to "fix this." I am hoping it helps me. I will keep you posted. I have been having a lot of neck pain, especially on days that I have to do alot to take care
  4. Hi, I am new here. I was diagnosed with POTS in Oct. and have responded poorly to all medications they have tried. Florinef, Midodrine, beta blockers, Paxil, Prozac. All these medications made me feel much worse. So, my cardiologist wants my to try cranial osteopathy. He said this is actually where he has seen the most success with his POTS patients. His daughter actually recovered from POTs with the cranial osteopathy. Has anyone ever heard of this? thanks Julie
  5. Hi Jackie, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful dr. said to me about this anxiety thing. I was admitted to the hospital back in Sept. when this whole thing started, and I saw all kinds of doctors. Then they sent the psychiatric dr. in and she was telling me that it was anxiety. I didn't believe her because I know how real this whole horrible thing is, but what could I do. Then the cardioligist came in and saw how bad my arrhythmia and tachycardia were. And he said there is something physically wrong with you. The heart would not do this with anxiety. Then in Oct., a cardiol
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