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Retroflex Syndrome


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Can you get more information? Do they mean retroflex odontoid, that can be caused from cervical/cranial instability? I have retroflex odontoid-----------(cervical/cranial instability, and I have pannus growth on the odontoid bone.) A neurosurgeon, and an orthopedic surgeon said I have the pannus growth.

I assume this mean tissue growth from the friction caused by the instability.

Some people with EDS/hypermobile type have cervical/cranial instability and other spine instability, as EDS affects the connective tissue. People with EDS have defective collagen---------- If you would like to know more about it, visit this site below, I posted some links.




You don't need have EDS to have retroflex odontoid or cervical/cranial instability---i.e.-------> Rheumatoid arthritis can cause this also, and this can also exist along with chiari malformation related conditions. Here's another link that explains Chiari Malformation. Cranial settling can happen with cervical/cranial instability, and can be very dangerous.


It's important that you have further evaluation to find out exactly what your doctor is talking about, and make sure you see someone who is experienced with retroflex odontoid syndrome-------either a neurosurgeon of orthopedic surgeon if you have this. This does not mean you need surgery. Get more then one opinion, and make sure any surgeon you see is familiar with EDS. Surgery should only be a last resort.

I hope this helps--- B)

Maxine :0)

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