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Have really been here, but unable to successfully sign on until today. I am wondering if any one else has been diagnosed with sjoren's syndrome. ( Dry evey, mouth, everything is fry, glands that are to lubricate things dry up) I have had this for awhile and it wasn't until at my eye dr when I said my mouth is dry-he knew the eyes were_..

It seems to me that this is not that far off from what is already happenning to us. Any thoughts? Miriam :D:(

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my aunt has this disease. But not POTS. I'm not sure that it is related to autonomic dysfunction. Is it? She has a lot of medical problems, and the family doesn't know exactly why. But she was in a car crash some years ago. Also, she had to have a total hystorectomy (sp?) like 15 years back. She thinks that a lot of her medical problems really resulted from the hyst. But she did also have some brain and nerve damage from the car crash.

I'll be interested in whether anyone else here has sjogren's or knows if there's a connection with dysautonomia.

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I got diagnosed with it many years ago, but think it is beginning to take it's toll. I have constant ulcers on my eyes, have had my tear ducts cauterized (it didn't help, so don't highly recommend it) my tongue is atrophied and my joints kill me. I've lost pretty much of my sense of taste and my vagina is the sahara desert, not that it matters much... :D even my skin is horrible.

It is not fun. I don't know if it's related, but it is autoimmune, so who knows. We can't just have one thing you know.....morgan

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