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The dentist

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Hi War Eagle,

Before I knew about the POTS I had an injection for a root canal that sent my heart rate through the roof and left my whole body numb. The dentist rolled out the oxygen cart!

Well I was just there again for a crown and he gave me some anesthetic that DOES NOT CONTAIN ADRENALINE...it is very short acting and he had to give me multiple shots, but I had no reaction. Maybe you can ask about this.


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I had jaw surgery when I was younger and I have 18 screws in my jaw. I had an MRI on my knee (which the techs said shouldn't bother the screws), but the machine pulled one of the screws partially out. I had to go have it removed. I think it was novacaine that they used to numb up my mouth. I asked the surgeon about this and he said that the American Heart Association said that the tachycardia produced if you did not have any anesthetic would be much worse than the tachycardia that you would have due to the anesthetic. Of course everyone acts differently to meds, but I was so worried about my jaw that the tachy from the local wasn't anything worse than what I experience from getting out of bed in the morning and it wasn't as bad as getting a shot of epinephrine (I have bee allergy.......thank God for epi-pens!!). Good luck with your dental work!


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Good news! I just went to the dentist last week, and I had novocaine (with the epinepherine), and I was just fine. My heart was pounding through my chest at 100 miles an hour, ...but that was BEFORE the dentist even injected me because I was so darned nervous!!! :) This was my first visit since having POTS relapse last year. HOORAY!

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