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Anyone else?

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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if this is at all related to dysautonomia, but thought I would ask anyway.

There have been a handful of times that I have punched myself in the face in the middle of the night while sleeping. It is like a reflex, but my arm contracts with enough force that it feels like a punch. It is weird. Anyone else?

On a side note, I also have muscle twitches and restless legs at night. Not sure if it is related.



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I have never experienced anything like this. I would imagine it could have something to do with the muscle spasms that are so common with dysautonomia. I know sometimes I twitch in my sleep, like I'll be falling asleep and then I will jerk all the sudden and wake myself up...although my boyfriend does this too sometimes and he's completely healthy.

But I had to laugh when I read yur post (not trying to be insulting of course) but the image of punching one's self while sleeping painted a funny picture ;)

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Do you tend to sleep with your hand near your face or under your cheek? During the night, if your hand moves away and a muscle spasm happens, it would probably hit your face.

I've done that before. I didn't realize then that the muscle spasms were from a dysautonomic condition.

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Dear Ann, Yes I have "punched" myself, Not only in my face but stomach and tops of my legs. I have many muscle spasms and twitching. Once I even hit my hubby. Not to hard but it woke him up, I slept through the whole thing. He thought I was having a seisure or something. When I woke up just fine to his voice, we both realized what had happened.

I have learned NOT to keep my hands by my face. If I do, I keep a pillow between me and my hand.

Good luck, Blackwolf

P.S. If it does get really bad, and you can handle meds you might want to try a muscle relaxant. I use Skelaxin when needed but I find that relaxation/meditation works almost as good.

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