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Feet are killing me


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Can anyone please tell me what to do about my feet. I suffer from Reactive hypoglycaemia, Barlow Syndrome and POTS. Life is not easy and I am use to feeling sick and weak with different symptoms every other day. A new one if my life is that my feet are so sore I don’t even want to wear shoes. Especially in the mornings … as if mornings can get worst.

Please can someone give me advice. I am use to the dead feet and hands with pins and needles but this new pain is horrible.


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You should speak with your doctor about this...

I sometimes get puffy feet in the morning and they are sore to walk upon. Perhaps you are having "pooling" of fluid in your feet? Have you tried wearing support stockings (also called Jobst Stockings)? These help your veins return blood to the upper part of the body.

Again, this is something that you should bring to the attention of your doctor.

Nina ;)

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