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Dr. Grubb


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I saw Dr Grubb at the end of April. I wrote about my visit shortly after returning home(if any of you want to look back).

I am in the middle of filing for disability and am in desperate need for medical attention. My POTS has gotten worse, which I think I have mentioned as well?!("fog")

Anyway, my cardiologist and my new GP Dr's have tried numerous times themselves to get Dr Grubb on the phone or to get him to return their calls. This has been going on for right at a month now. My new GP will not see me until he speaks with Dr Grubb personally so they cancelled my appt and can't see me again until the end of Aug. My cardio has his hands tied, he has tried everything that Grubb mentioned in his short dictation and nothing is working. I do not want to switch GP's again because this GP actually knows a little about POTS but he wants to talk with Dr Grubb first(which is understandable)

I have called Dr Grubb's office more times than I can count. SOmetimes I get a nice nurse who will say she will be sure he gets the message and that she is sorry. Other times I get a smart *** that says "well, did you try reaching him in Tahiti?? Or It is theOTHER dr's fault because he demands Dr Grubb see you (or others) and Dr Grubb won't say no" or " you know Dr Grubb isn't good at return calls" DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I feel like if he can't take care of the pts that he has and has seen then he doesn't need to see anymore. If he has got so much on his plate(and I know he does) he needs to take care of the pts he has and say NO to others or get some qualified help.

I wouldn't make such a fuss but I am very desperate for treatment. I have lost over 10 pds in the past month or so and it still keeps coming off. Trips to the ER for tachy, literally inability to function, etc etc etc and NOONE seems to care. I express this info to every dr that I call each time I call and "Oh well".

Sorry, I needed to vent badly. WOuld actually write more but it hurts my hands and shoulders.

Has anyone else had these problems?

I sure wish we could find a MD who cares. I think my new GP will be really good if Grubb will just make one 5 minute phone call. Apparantly I'm not worth it...

I would think twice if I were going to see him for the first time, look elsewhere if you want more than just a one time visit and then he sends you on your merry way not thinking twice about you again.

Thanks for listening

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Sorry to hear of your struggle. However, nobody knows your body better than you do. I would suggest being your own doctor. What I mean by that is the following:

1) Get on the computer, and research everything you can get your hands on

2) Keep a log of all of your systems

3) Try to find "triggers" that seem to make you feel worse

4) Question your docs

Remember, the only difference between you and a doctor, is that they have had more years of formal education in their "trade". They are not miracle workers. I researched a lot of my symptoms on-line, and then printed what I found on the internet, and then brought it in for my doctor to read. We then discussed possibilities.

I know it is frustrating. Unfortunately, the medical sciences are still flying blind when it comes to autonomic dysfunctions. I was even told this by Mayo.

One thing I do know that will make things WORSE: fretting about it.

Good luck to you!

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Insist that your new GP calls his office and leaves a message for him every single morning. I would then call your GP around 2:00 pm (yes....every single day) requesting a "progress report." If Dr.Grubb has not yet called him back, request that they call him again that afternoon. Trust me...after about 3 days of you calling...they will get sick of you and do ANYTHING to make you stop calling.

Always remember that Doctors are employed by patients! If they are not meeting your expectations, talk to them about it and if that doesn't work...pull a Donald Trump on them..."You're fired!" <laughing>

Are you located near Columbus, OH? I have a wonderful GP that harrasses the heck out of Dr.Grubb.

Please let me know if I can do anything to help!


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Unfortunately I am not in the Ohio area. I live in western North Carolina. I have called Dr Grubb's office up to 4 times a day for the past month but I think he may have finally called my GP friday. Not sure but I will find out tomorrow.

Yeah, Dr's sometimes seem to forget who pays their bills ;) If it weren't for us, they would be making it paycheck to paycheck. Thanks for your help!!

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Hi Danelle, a few times, I've used a faxed request for a phone call, along with a very short description of the question. This has worked for me with Dr. Grubb's office, as well as a few other docs I have that are overly busy. In the fax, I specify to call my local physician, and include any return phone numbers that are necessary.


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