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Pouring Sweat When Standing


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Hi guys,

I started taking Zoloft in July/August and wonder whether it could be causing me to sweat alot. When I stand for more than 10 minutes I start pouring sweat and get lightheaded. Once I sit down I get a bad dizzy spell then I feel fine. Do you think this is the POTS acting up or maybe a side effect of the Zoloft. I see my EP/cardio Oct. 11th, but I am curious to see if anyone here has the same problems. Thanks!


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Hi Jacquie,

I used to get night sweats a lot when I was on Zoloft BEFORE I had dysautonomia problems. Also, my psych told me that it (and probably any ssri) can inhibit vasoconstriction, so maybe this is contributing to some symptoms.

Out of curiosity, are you still going to see Dr. Novak now that he's left BMC?

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I don't know if it would be from the zoloft- but these sweaty hot flashes are my most obvious symptom, mostly when standing or sitting!!

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Thanks for all your replies...

Mary, did you ever switch to another SSRI??

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