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Hi guys,

My stomach aches/nausea has gotten pretty bad. I went to see my GI doc and he prescribed Levbid/Hyoscyamine. Just wondering if anyone else takes this and if they have had any luck with it?! I've had an abdominal ultrasound and CT scan which I'm thinking were normal...



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Hi jacquie.. did you mean levsin? if im talking about the right medication.. I have been on this med now for about 2-ish yrs now now.. i take it when the spasms and diarrhea get unruly.. and it does help.. plus an added bonus.. it helps with bladder spasms.. and the urge/feeling like i have to pee every 2 minutes when i get into autonomic meltdown...

this medication has helped me .. side-effects that ive noticed for myself have include... it makes me drowsy.. so dont drive till you know how your generally going to react to it... and uhm.. it sometimes can speed my heart rate up a bit.. nothing wild and crazy.. but enough for me to notice that its a bit faster... and if im having a rough patch where i need to take the med more then once or twice in a day... and a few times during the wk.. i find that it does bind me up..

But the side effect are mild.. and the benefits of the drug.. are worth the mild side effects!

I hope that it helps you!

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