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Strawberry Allergies


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Hi all! I haven't visited the forum much recently. In fact, I've been feeling really good health-wise, and functioning much better since I got off Midodrine in May. :):):) I usually use this forum to unwind or work out mental frustrations, etc. So I guess it's good to be less dependent...but I do miss hearing from everyone and feeling connected. :)

Anyway, tonight I had an episode due to an allergic reaction. The difference between this and my regular POTS fainting is that it starts with a stomach ache, head ache and a dizziness that differs qualitatively from my normal POTS dizziness. Then my breathing just seems to almost shut down completely, worse than in regular POTS shortness of breath. It's similar also, because it involves bradycardia that knocks me unconscious for a couple hours. I get all the post-episodic syptoms of weariness, mental disorientation, etc. too. But I only get these kinds of reactions to strawberries (although I'm also allergic to eggs and milk, I only get brain fog, muscle cramps, and sweats with those allergies).

Is anyone else here allergic to strawberries? If so, how does your reaction take form?

Also, I'm thinking that staying home is best during these episodes, due to the fact that ER people always seem so clueless about POTS. I tend to shrug it all off, because I'm happy that I'm better than I used to be....but my mother was present at tonight's --whatever, episode thing-- and her anxiety made me second guess my comfort with such events. Should I be worried? I feel fine about it, except that I know allergies can be dangerous in normal people....but I thought that it's just another POTS thing for me, which never seems to kill, just annoy. Thoughts???

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If the allergy is effecting your breathing to the point of having trouble catching your breath or worse, I would defiantly go to the ER. You might want to see an allergist for something you can use at home like an Epi-pen. My daughter has severe food allergies called Eosinophil-associated Gastrointestinal Disorders (EGID). Here is a link to their site http://www.apfed.org/egid.htm#egid. She suffers some of the same symptoms as you described for your strawberry allergy..... stomach ache, cramping, sweating, cold clammy sweating, fever, trouble breathing, vomiting, coma. It took her being in a coma at age 6 and our local hospital transferring her out to John Hopkins to get her dx and treated. We carried an Epi-Pen for years until she learned to take charge of her diet and be very careful.

You should defiantly get it checked out by an allergist to stop something worse from happening. Each reaction is different and it could be worse next time. I hope that it is not, but just to be safe....get it checked out.

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