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Involuntary Eye Movement


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My husband noticed last night for the second time that my eyes were moving quickly from side to side on their own. As he put it, "You look like the guy in Identity," and I knew exactly who he meant.

If you're interested, this clip on YouTube shows the actor my husband was referring to, but if you haven't seen the movie this part is a very big SPOILER moment! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SVT4Y2BMnI at 3:40.

I've never heard of this symptom with POTS, and I will definitely be asking my autonomic neurologist about this. Does anyone else experience this or have any insight?

Oh, too funny, this emoticon is perfect! -> :unsure:

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I have it too. Mine used to be a lot worse, but I went through vestibular rehabilitation for my dizziness and that helped a lot...basically they give you exercises that significantly increase your dizziness and you eventually get accustomed to it and it decreases the dizziness overall. I didn't used to be able to walk in a straight line at all but after about 6 months of the rehab my balance got a lot better (it didn't make the dizziness go away by any means, but now I'm able to deal with it better). I'm not sure if you're having that kind of difficulty, but usually the nystagmus goes along with inner ear/balance issues...

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I have issues with my eyes and have for years. Not the same that is mentioned here, but similar. When I first wake up and for about 15 minutes to 1/2 hour my eyes keep going to the out side. My left goes to the left and my right goes to the right. My husband and I laugh about it, but we have never found out what causes it. My doctors haven't been able to find out either. I can't get up and move around until they settle down. I also get eye twitches all the time. Not sure if its related in anyway to my disorders or just my eyes trying to adjust to light.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. :)

I guess I'll run this by my PCP. I mentioned it to my Autonomic-Neurologist, and he said the same thing as you, DoctorGuest, "not POTS." He didn't seem too concerned by it, though.

I've finally whittled the number of doctors I see down to three from about eight at the start of my illness, so if at all possible, I want to avoid that number going back up again!

Wishing you all the best,

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