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Happy Birthday To Momtogiuliana


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Happy Birthday Katherine!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you for all that you do for DINET. The Faces site has been great! And, you continue, year after year, to be a source of inspiration and support to others.

You have such compassion and understanding. You remember so clearly what it was like to be super sick and you have never forgotten that feeling, even though you have, thankfully, gone on to feel MUCH better! It gives you a special empathy for others. Your posts are always informative and you are such an asset to the forum!


And happy, happy birthday! And, yes, the heat is a bit of a bother! I just talked to a close friend in the south who is 8 months pregnant and man, she said it had been in the triple digits the past few days. I thought NO THANKS! :)

Later alligator!

Love, Emily

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Thank you everyone! It was a good day. Giuliana made me an extra special drawing/collage (that she worked on when she was supposed to be napping at day care, but she begged her daycare provider to let her stay up to make me something). It is a very careful drawing of the two of us standing next to a rainbow surrounded by cut out red hearts. She also strung some plastic beads into a necklace for me. It was very very sweet! In the evening we all enjoyed dinner out with some old friends.

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i am sorry i haven't been able to be around for some days, especially now that it was your birthday! so here's from me a (belated) very happy birthday and many (healthy) birthdays to come!!!

giuiliana has done her very best to make you such a beautiful present!!! i've kept a lot of those selfmade (mothrsday and birthday) presents and really cherish them. hope your diner outing was special!


corina ;)

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corina and Lauren--thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts!!

I did have a great day and a beautiful weekend. Giuliana and I enjoyed the beach and a friend's farm Sat (not too hot which was wonderful!) and I took her to an amusement park on Sun with friends for a non-profit benefit. I was feeling a little POTS-y for some reason Sun with adrenaline rush episodes (nothing major), but I took her on her first roller coaster ride anyway. I was shaky for awhile afterwards, but it was worth it. She loved it!

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