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Pots On You Tube Again


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Hi Everyone,

I was just searching around you You Tube to see if there was anything about dysautonomia. I found two POTS presentations that have been posted. There isn't any sound; it looks like power point slides. Each presentation is about 10 minutes long, but they're clear and cover a lot of stuff! If you want to check them out here are the links:



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I just wished they would do NORMAL TEXT as opposed to moving it further away and then closer.

Made my vertigo and nausea kick up big time.


The person who made it up must not be aware of the head spinning many of us have with inner ear and brainstem issues.

Oh well..least somebody is 'trying' but I for one could not sit thru the blue one for more than a minute...

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Bless you for commenting, Lois! All this visual junk makes me feel like such an old lady and somebody told me the girl that made the "SLIDE SHOW" is very young.

So they go for that MTV fancy camera graphic stuff I guess.


Perhaps they should make a "STATIONARY" Text so all POTS pts can see it.

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Sophia and Lois,

I'm sorry that you couldn't read the presentations - I don't have nausea / vertigo problems but even I was rather disorientated by all the movement. I was able to watch them both through though. Although I think the writer over-did the text effects, they were actually very well thought out. The text movement mimicked the symptom it was saying (e.g. "tremor" the text shook, "fast heart beat" flashed quickly, "fainting" slid to the bottom of the screen) - they might not be exactly right but it was along those lines.

I thought about trying to write them out in normal text but to be honest with you most of the information on the shows is already on the main DINET website, it has just been written as bullet points, key facts and been presented in a snazzy way.

They might be useful to show to family / friends who want to know about POTS though, as it is quite a good way of getting a lot of info across relatively quickly.

Just my thoughts,


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