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Anyone Had These Strange Symptoms?

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Hi all

Sorry its been a long time since I've been on here but with an active 8 month old I don't get much chance.

I'm hoping you can help.

For the past three weeks I have been suffering the most horrendous nausea in the mornings. It has now progressed to include vommiting and diarrhoea and I have had to resort to anti-sickness tablets just to be able to look after my son. I can't cope with this much longer.

I started feeling worse with pots following a bad case of gastroenteritus in May when I ended up on IV fluids, but I only started getting bad with the nausea three weeks ago. This was also when I increased my metorprolol to 100mg daily (50 am, 50 pm, previously 50am, 25 pm). I had previously had no side effects to metoprolol and it was working well.

My cardiologist initially told me it was problems with my eating and told me to go on a low GI diet. I had been feeling better when eating, mainly sugary things so he thought there was a link with my glucose levels. He said this definately was not pots related. He assured me that a few days building up my slow release carbs and I'd be better. Well I'm worse and I am not convinced he has the correct diagnoses.

I also suffer shaking, tachycardia and at times a very fast but weak pulse.

Please help, I've had to start sending my son to nursery because I can't cope and if this gets any worse I don't think I'll even be able to get him to nursery!

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm seeing my cardiologist later today.

Thanks all


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PS, I'm not pregnant!! (thats what everyone has asked me so far when I tell them that I only have this in the mornings!!)

oh and I've started taking my contraceptive pill Microgynon packets back to back on the advice of my gynecologist to prevent pots flair ups at that time of the month so I've not had a period for 4 months, could that be the problem?

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