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Caution - minor vent coming up!

I have yet agin succumbed to a diarrhoea & vomiting stomach bug. I know that they are usually self-limiting illnesses and you just have to wait for them to run their course - but it isn't so easy with POTS.

I was fine until lunchtime today, even went out for lunch with my Mum (just a sandwich and a bit of cake) but I knew something wasn't right when I only drank half my bottle of water - I never fail to finish a drink. I'll spare you the graphic details, but 20mins later I wasn't well at all.

I was supposed to be driving with my Dad in a van to collect my sister and her furniture from university. Van hired, hotel booked - there was no way I was getting out of bed so my poor Dad is having to do all the driving himself.

I knew that I was in trouble and becoming rapidly dehydrated from the d&v, could hardly stand up, my radial pulse couldn't be felt and I knew if I tried to last much longer I'd end up in hospital with an IV. I hate being in hospital when feeling really bad, I'd much rather have my own bed and private bathroom. After going 4hours without keeping any water down and loosing pleanty of fluids I thought I'd better call my GP.

"We've only got one doctor on duty but if you come to the surgery he'll see you right away" my heart sank but I persuaded my Mum to drop me off at the surgery. I only waited about 10mins but spent pleanty of time going back and forth to the bathroom. When the doctor called my name, I got up really slowly - and the next thing I remember is coming round in the recovery position with the receptionist, 2 nurses and the doctor arround me. How predicatable, I'd fainted again.

The doctor was lovely and sent the nurse for a wheelchair and pushed me to his room himself. He couldn't find my radial pulse either but eventually got a manual BP at 100/60 (very low for me, on midodrine I run about 145/90).

At least I got a shot of Ondansetron (Zofran). He allowed me to go home with a box of diaoralyte, Buccastem (an anti-emetic Prochlorperazine that you put under your lip), and Loperamide.

I've managed to keep down some fluids over the last few hours and am feeling much better now.

My real question is - am I just unlucky, or do other POTSies get lots of episodes of d&v? I must catch one about 4-5 times a year, and usually (as now) in the middle of my holiday from work!!!!

Does anyone have any tips for easing recovery from d&v??

Should you "starve" and just drink fluids (my Mum's opinion) or take Loperamide and eat a little plain food (my Dad's opinion)??


Flop B)

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Boy you sound just like me. I'm always getting d/v bugs and they are so hard to deal with when you have pots too. I've actually gotten to the point that I don't eat at buffets, weddings, parties, anywhere where the foood might have been sitting out just a little bit. Somehow I just manage to get sick off something everytime.

My mom always pushes the fluid thing, and not to eat anything but its so hard when I have hypoglycemia. Of course I learn my lesson then when I eat something little and end up over the toilet.

Hope you are doing much better! B)


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I'm lucky that everything seems to have settled down, not eaten much but feeling well again.

I was wondering if these upset stomachs are really infections or if it could be just part of the POTS? I know that when I am really stressed or nervous (like before an exam or interview) I get a really upset stomach. Could it all be due to the nerves controlling my GI system instead of a bug??


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Glad you're feeling better. I think you might be onto something when you say that these episodes are maybe part of POTS. I get adrenaline rushes that really upset my stomach (severe nausea and diarrhea). Your POTS seems quite bad from the other posts I've read, so that may just be a "nerves" reaction. It also might be that our immune systems aren't as good as they should be and can't fight off stuff. I always thought stomach bugs were really infectious, so maybe if someone else around you is sick or gets sick then maybe that will give you the answer. Stay well!!


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there's something called cyclic vomiting syndrome that may be a possibility worth looking into. or gastroparesis or other motility issues, which can certainly be related to autonomic dysfunction.

glad you're feeling better now...i know none of what you were describing is fun as - to varying degrees - it's part of my "normal" day to day reality. before things progressed for me it was episodic though, which is the case for many with gastroparesis/ dysmotility. so as you were/ are considering, i wouldn't be so certain it's something infectious going on (though of course it still might be).

:) melissa

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Thank you for your reply Melissa,

I'm certainly very grateful that my symptoms are occasional and only last a few hours to a few days, and are not the "norm" that some have to endure.

I'm thinking more and more that this is a "nerves" possibly POTS related problem rather than infections. Certainly sometimes my symptoms occur when there is a stomach bug about but more often I am the only one that is ill, and haven't eten any suspect foods / takeaways.

I saw my cardiologist last week, but I didn't dare mention the GI symptoms as he only aknowledges HR and BP issues from POTS. Anyway, I was anxious about seeing him (issues over a wheelchair) and spent the 45 mins before my appointment rushing to the bathroom repeatedly.

I'll have to do some more reading about GI issues in dysautonomia.


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