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Hi Everyone-

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice related to medications. I'm really getting desperate to take something that will allow me to function. I'm sleeping 12ish hours a night and still exhausted. I need to be functional by August when I start my PhD. I've tried Florinef and after 4 days I swell up so much that my doctors have told me I can't take it (10lb weight gain). I was told that birth control pills help, but I've tried three kinds so far including one that is considered to be the lowest dose available and I have horrible side effects (diarrhea, nausea, ache, irregular bleeding) that make me more non-functional than the POTS. Does anyone know of a supplement or relatively side-effect free medication that I can take which may help? I'm taking licorice now, which hasn't really had an effect.

I have hyperadrenergic POTS (my BP jumps and then plummets). I've had doctors prescribe exercise, high blood pressure medication (WHAT?), and all sorts of things- but I am always sidelined my the side-effects. Any advice? Those who are getting Saline IVs - does it help? Is it worth the hassle?


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Hi Sara,

It can be very hard to find a medicine/combination of meds that works for you. You just have to keep trying. As Nina suggested, check out the What Helps page. It will have many suggestions for treatment, some of which are non-pharmaceutical and less likely to have side effects. Have you tried compression hose?

There is one medicine that I don't believe is listed on the What Helps page. Some people take Provigil which helps promote wakefulness and alertness. Perhaps this would help you to better function during the day. You can speak to your doctor about it and see if it would be a good option for you.

I hope you can find something that works for you.


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