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Hi..all. Neuropathy And Illness


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Havent been on for awhile good see the past posters still here..(miss you guys) and welcome to all the new ones:).

I have developed a cold a few weeks ago and of course it did its usual number on me..I know what infections do to us.

My question for all of u is that I have neuorapthy (or what is presumed) feels like tight rubber gloves on hands and goes up arms and makes them feel REALLY weak. Even sensations in my head like my nerves are twinging.

I am being treated at this time for some sort of Mitochondrial disorder with Carnitine and COQ10.

Those of you that get infections and neuropathy along with it. How long does it last? I have been weak and numb for more than two weeks. I am taking an antibiotic and I know that initself screws some people up. But geesh..is there any light to this tunnel?

I know it can come and go but it has been unrelentless along with just feeling fatigued. especially in arms.

Take care and good to see all of u on here(well you know what i mean)



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I'm not familiar with what your going through I just wanted to say I hope you figure this out and feel better soon. I haven't seen you on here for along time. PM me with an update when you feel up to it.

I've had some improvements and some set backs so all in all life is still the same.............alittle better I guess.

Hang in there


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I also notice that my neuropathy will flare with an illness. I now take IVIG and it has helped to restore some weakness in my left leg that lasted over one year. I had a flare this month, but only a little numbness in my face, so far it has not made my leg weak.

I have no pain with my neuropathy only numbness and weakness. I hope they can find you some answers. It is no fun to be in pain.

I hope your cold goes away, and you start to feel better. Does your neuropathy go away completely once the infection is gone? Mine would get a bit better, but would never clear 100%.


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