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I have three unrelated POTS questions!!


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I have 3 different questions, so I thought I'd put them all in one post!!

1. I have a slight toothache, and am going to the dentist in the morning. If it's a cavity, or something where they need to numb my mouth, is this type of anesthesia compatible with POTS? I have never had local anesthesia except for Novacaine when having a wisdom tooth pulled 2 years ago, before I was diagnosed.

2. For those of you with carbohydrate sensitivity, are you able to eat a rice based pasta? What about potatoes? Or is it just regualr pasta that you can't tolerate? I bought some rice pasta, and I thought I still felt a little bloated and tired after eating it, so I was hoping it was a coincedence (sp?).

3. Does anyone have a suggestion for a daily Multi-Vitamin that seems to keep you feeling pretty good? My diet is awful since I have so many food sensitivities, so I need to make sure I take some kind of supplement so I can get all my nutrients in each day. I am also nursing, so it's doubly important that I find a good quality supplement.

Any input on these issues would be appreciated!!

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Hello Jessica, As far as the dentist goes they have a shot they can give you that does not contain epinephrine but does not last as long as regular novacaine so they may have to give you a few shots depending on how long they need to work on you...... Now as far as carbs go all carbs turn into sugar whether it's rice or pasta or potato which in turn can give you symptoms. I know for me I have a problem with carbs. After eating carbs I get tachy and fatigued and possibly stomach problems..... With your vitamin question everyone is different and will react different. I take Centrum and do well with it, but I know two other people who have POTS who can not tolerate Centrum. So really it is trial and error. I honestly don't know what to tell you with what vitamins are safe and which are not but I can tell you try to avoid any of the vitamins which contain herbs such as ginsing or anything that will stimulate your ANS. Hope this was some help for you. Sandy

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Anything high in carbohydrates, rice, pasta, potatos, sugar, sets me off. There is a glycemic index that ranks foods that will raise your blood sugar the most. I seem to do better when I eat foods that are on the low end of the index all the time. I try to stick to mostly meat, chicken, fish, veggies and some fresh fruit. That works best for me. I also snack on sunflower seeds instead of pretzels or chips. Nuts are a good snack, too.

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