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My allergist wanted me to try some claritin for my allergies since the benedryl gives me palpitations..Just curious of the good and or bad experiences you might have had with this particular medication. Thanks! :)


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Good Morning!

I was on this med. for about a year when i was younger, so i hadnt gotten pots yet, however i didnt find that it helped with my allergies....its tasted good though! :) So i went to allegra which actually works for me, i dont take it too often anymore since i kinda grew out of my allergies, however now that its summer and people are mowing their lawns i might have to (im allergic to grass..lol)

So all i would have to say about the clariton is that i didnt find it to be strong enough for my body, but i didnt have any bad side effects, however i wasnt potsy yet either...

Best of luck!!


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I've tried many different allergy medicines. It ws a good 5 years or so ago, so I don't remember it too clearly. I have a lot of outdoor allergies, but none are severe. Claritin worked pretty well, I liked it better than benadryl - this was before Claritin was OTC also. Allegra worked about the same, but I didnt' like how big the pill was. I think my Allergra dosing had a bit of a better decongestant to it compared to the Claritin. This was all prior to my more severe POTS. At the time I only had undiagnoised fatigue type symptoms. But neither med seemed to affect that in anyway.

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i've never had a problem with claritin & while i wouldn't give it the award for helping the most for my allergies, it definitely helps. i took it before it was OTC & after some years on allegra have gone back to clarinex b/c i need something in liquid form (b/c i get my meds via J tube). clarinex is VERY similar to claritin but is prescription rather than OTC. i prefer any of these - an zyrtec - to benedryl for day-to-day use as benedryl tends to make me a bit drowsy. i use benedryl for more acute allergy issues periodically.

hope the claritin helps you,

:) melissa

p.s. keep in mind that there is regular claritin & claritin-D. i'm guessing that claritin is what you're doctor is wanting you to take as the claritin-D can cause problems with tachy for even some non-dysautonomia folks.

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