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Sore Spots On Head

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hey ok onto my head post.. ok.. so its not unusual that i get really sore spots on my head and that my skin and hair get super sensitive to touch all over .. not just my head...

But what im noticing.. and i hope that i do not sound nuts to you all.... is after the really bad sore spots on my scalp/skull.. and i develope a dent or a crator? in my skull and that the physical feeling of my skull changes...

meaning that like i said i develope these dent.. as you may.. and then around the dent.. my skull is like raised up... and they hurt quite badly.. and then once a "dent".. i dont know waht else to call them.. is formed.. around that area i will get charlie horses or cramps.. more like stabbing sharp pain that shoots thru the area...

Uhm over the last yr or so ive developed 3.. and have another one starting..and even one on my forhead just at my hair line.. its small one.. but there none the less..

uhm anybody have any clue waht the heck this is?.. arent a a little old to be having soft spots?..

again im having an mri and ct scans on friday of my brain and skull.. but unless i find a doc that is familair and knows what to look for.. there are kind of pointless ya know

any help is much appreciated..



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I've definately had various tender spots on my scalp - and the rest of my body, but I tend to notice it more on my head I think. I'm not sure if I have noticed the dent type areas that you are describing however. I definately have a few dents in my head, but its hard to tell if they have developed more recently or are just the ususal types found on a skull. I hope your doc and your MRI can yeild some results - maybe if you specifically mention your concern they will be able to look with a more detailed eye.

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Hi dizzygirl'

Sometimes my hair and skin are also super sensitive to touch...

But I am sorry, I do not know why this happens, maybe when my bp is too low or I have more POTS symptoms. Still not sure why.

Hope you can find some answers soon to your health issues.



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