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New Symptom..odd One

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Hi there.. for the past few days i have been having and odd symptoms that i ve only had like one other time before that i remember anyways.. and it come about a few days before a severe attach with thing (ie.. seizure like stuff.. paralyzing.. and so on.. and by severe one of the worst spells ive ever had..)

Uhm for about 2-3 days now ive been having this sound coming from behind my ears and at the back/base of my skull that sounds like glass or glass marbles clinking together in my head.. it is quite odd.. and bizzarr to say the least...

Ive been feeling quite poorly this past week.. more then norm.. i chalked it up to pms and the heat...BUT ive also had been breaking out in hives and rashy like looking stuff.. that comes on and the disappears with in hours of appearing.. and having alot of GI stuff going.. Im wondering if im developing a new allergy to something??

But this glass clinking in my head kinda concerns me a bit b/c last time i had it i had such a severe spell with things...

im going into the hosp on tuesday for fluids so im hoping that that will make the weird stuff stop.. and that it will not make things worse.... and i go for am mri on friday of my goofy head.. which i will make a diff post about..

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I dont know if its the same thing, but for my i describe it as like when you shake a nail polish bottle that has those "beads" in it, mine sounds like that, and its right in like the back of my ear, but it doesnt happen unless i am moving (ie...walking, running (havent ran in like over a year but yea))

I dont know if that is the same kinda of dyscription of your, but if it is let me know, and maybe we could figure out what causes it!

Have a great day!


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It does sound a bit, with the rash/hives like a potential new allergy - but I'm sure a doc would know better. Since you're going soon, I'd take some pictures of the rash area, so they have a refrence if its gone away again by the time you're there. Hopefully that will help them figure things out. Also maybe taking a journal of whats going on just prior to symptoms and during will help them.

Hope you feel better, and good luck with your MRI! B)

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Hi Linda. You sure have had more than your share of strange and difficult symptoms lately. I hope the fluids help you and that the MRI gives some answers about what is going on. And I hope you can find some relief from the symptoms soon.

Have you been able to find a good doctor yet who is willing/able to help you?

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