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Did Fine on Airplane Trip! :)

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Hi Everyone,

There was a discussion a week or more ago about air travel and POTS. I know many of us have travelled by air and done fine, despite the dry, lowered- oxygen conditions, and I just wanted to add my experience.

This was my first time to travel by air since being diagnosed with POTS in 2003. The first flight was 2 hours, and I noticed a sense of wanting to breathe faster (like starting to hyperventilate). Not an anxious feeling, but just like I needed more air. This passed before the descent. I didn't have that experience again on the remaining three flights, and had no other symptoms--including no noticable swelling in my ankles/legs. I didn't feel bad or strange afterwards at all, and was able to jump right into caring for two toddlers and my pregnant-with-twins friend I had flown to, to help out!

BTW, two weeks prior to the trip, I had weaned off my beta blocker and am only taking 20 mg of Prozac a day.

Perhaps this will help quell concerns others have about air travel, especially if other POTS patients have had similar positive experiences!


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Thanks, Katherine ... nice post! And so glad to hear you had a postive traveling experience and that you were able to do all that you wanted to do on your trip!

I too have positive flight experiences; I've never suffered additionally during the flight or afterwards (especially now, with adequate hydration & compression hose etc)... I suppose the only thing is the usual-and-customary pre-trip jitters that for me can affect my sleep and hr etc. But no biggie, and certainly nothing that would make me choose not to fly.



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Yay! I am so glad you did well. It always helps to have a little distraction on board (i.e. a squirming toddler) :rolleyes: I've flown several times in the last 2 years and did fine every single time. I think once you get the initial flight overwith it puts you at ease for future travel. I have never flown more than 2 hours, though, so next time I take a long flight I might be a little nervous.

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Y-E-A-H!!!! So good to hear all went well. Thanks for posting your experiences. I have an irrational fear of flying that I am bound and determined to tackle one day. Your post makes that easier. :)


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