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Another Nausea Question?

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Nausea is and has been one of my worst symptoms of POTS. I feel like the nausea is building overnight by morning I feel really sick.Sometimes when I get up and around and drink some water I feel a little better.Just wondering if anyone has this same problem, and if there is anything I can do to help it?

Thanks Pat

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Hi Pat,

I deffinetly experience your same problem, and that is what makes it so hard for me to get up out of bed every morning!!! What my doctors are having me do right now is i wake up 30 minutes before i am actually going to get up and I drink at leaste 8 oz. of salty fluid (gatorade, chicken broth...) I also take my BB at that time. Then after laying there for 30 minutes I get up and do some "big muscle" excercises to get my blood flowing better (squats, calf raises, arm curls with 5 lbs.)

I dont know if you are on any type of schedule like that already or not, but I think that it helps me to get going better every morning! :(

Have a great day!


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The nausea can get to me any time of day or night... but for some folks, nausea is particularly bad in the AM b/c that is the time when one's blood pressure is typically at it's lowest point of the day.


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I've never been a "breakfast person" - I can't face eating in the mornings so often skip breakfast (yes I know that breakfast is really important, and I do try to eat toast when I arrive at work).

I have found that drinking fluids during the night seems to help. I'm not a great sleeper (it's 3am in the UK now and I'm wide-awake) and everytime I wake up I drink a glass of water. This does mean that sometimes I have to get up to go to the bathroom but not getting dehydrated overnight seems to help my morning BP and nausea.

Right, I'm off for some more water then hopefully some sleep.


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hi.. i get nasuea at all point thru the day...sometimes it worse in the morning and wakes me up.. and other times it flares in the evening.. and sometimes i have it allday...

uh i havent really found anything to relieve it.. other then some stuff thru an IV like phenergan and uh..tygan? (sp?) i think its called.. i might have the name totaly wrong.. but this stuff helps better i f i ge tit thru an iv.. for me anyways..

feel better

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have you tried to raise the head of your bed, just a little? the "what helps"section of this site tells you what can be helpful for us. i am not sure whether this would help with nausea as well, but it might be worth to try!

i am like nina and dizzy, neaseated all through the day and, strange enough, i feel better having a coffee with sweetener and something to eat (egg-cake, don't know if that's known in your country as well). also i found out that eating carrots helps (when i was pregnant i took them with me and ate them when i woke up with very bad nausea during the night ;):lol::lol: ).

hope this helps a bit,

corina :)

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