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8 Days Sick With The 'flu'!

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i have been in bed for the past 8 days- sick with what seems like the flu, sore throat(tho, in the past 3 days has gone away), pounding ears (comes and goes), my stomach feels funky, on and off ever, and my bones/muscles/joints ACHE!! just going to sit down on the toilet and getting back up- my legs shake! i have been good about resting, attempting to drink alot of fluids, and have been taking tylenol religiously. i take gabapentin, midodrine, nexium, and i started taking mestiton at the begining of may.... so there are not alot of meds i can take with all the ones i already do! does anyone have any suggestions on what i should do- i sleep as much as possiable- but one can only sleep so much!! and my back is getting sore from being in bed! anyhow- any help would be appreciated!! thanks~ and the best to all of you~

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There is fine line between being in bed too much and pushing a bit. You have to

remember how fast we can become deconditioned (the shakey legs). I would

try to be up even if it is to sit in a chair every couple hours and start building

back some strength no matter how bad I felt if I were you.

Good luck. Any chance it is nice and warm where you live so that you could

get outside and lounge in a lawn chair for awhile?


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thank you for the reply! fortunatly i am not in my home state of Wi, but rather Fl! i do go everyday to the barn to see my horse- and we sort of 'walk' around- he is suppose to be eating the grass.... so that is my 'excercise' for the day! but after that i am beat! and i dont think it helps now that the weather is getting really warm here- 88+ humidity.... i think that takes a toll too...... maybe next year i should get a flu shot?!

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Jess, hope you're feeling better soon. I'd certainly back what Dawn said about getting up regularly - spending too much time lying down can result in worse POTS problems when you do try to get up. Even if you can only sit up with your legs dangling over the side of the bed, don't let your body forget what it has to do to combat gravity aided venous pooling in our legs!

Take care,


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well i went to the open walk in health center today.... got tested for the flu- i dont have it! :( i should be happy.... but this more than likely means pots flare up! the dr was very nice and said he had never heard of it- but went online and looked it over briefly- he referred me to the cleveland clinic down here in fl- he felt that was the best, and prob only place in the area to get help with the pots issues... i will be calling my dr tommorow to ask about the mestiton- hopefully that is what is causing this- and not another chapter of pots! thanks for the advice. hope u all are feeling energized today!

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a few additional thoughts....

just b/c you don't have the flu doesn't mean that you couldn't be fighting another virus of some sort. or that you were at first & you're still feeling the aftermath of things POTS-wise. while mestinon definitely could be part of what's going on (if you're on too much for your body to handle) and you should definitely ask your doc about it it's not likely to be the cause of a sore throat.

regardless of the cause, make sure you're drinking lots of fluids. unless you have a concurrent health problem that makes extra fluids problematic, the fluids are a good idea for a POTS flare-up, a virus, or any combination of the two.

i hope you are feeling better soon....

:( melissa

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