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I haven't been working for a year or two, and was wondering if you have POTS and work full time how do you do it? I get bad enough flare ups from doing nothing, lol, so if I start working again how do I deal with myself and symptoms? If you are not working let me know too, because I feel like a freak not working and I feel so isolated with my issues that I get depressed. Thanks, Dennis

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I can definately relate to that feeling - I don't have the answers, but I can certinally empathize - I left high school early because of migraines and unexplained fatigue, then earlier this year as my POTS symptoms flared up and before they were diagnoised I had to quit my job in January. I'm at a loss right now of how I'll be able to go to college full time or work, but I have to believe there is a way. Full-time work isn't always possible from my understanding, but a return to 'normality' :blink: seems very possible and even probable for the determined. I recently became friends with a woman on another forum who actually has her doctorate and is going back to teaching this summer for the fist time in years :smile: (she is also a researcher of POTS hurray!) Sorry I have no specific advice, but I wanted to chime in with some words of encouragement and hope.

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dennis welcome aboard.. sorry that you have pots.. but glad that you found us for support! :blink:

you should not feel like a freak for not working.. this disorder is very up and down... unpredictable i should say...

I have not work since march of 2002.. so over 5 yrs. i was hard to accept that.. but after a while i guess it is easier to deal with..

I guess the question to really ask yourself.. is... do you really feel that you could work? and if so waht kind fo work and how many hours a week do you think you could handle? how many hours a day.. that kind of thing...

and be realy honest with yourself.. too..

i know there are a few folks on the board here who do work.. but im pretty sure that it uses alot of the limited supply of energy to work.. maybe they would have more words of wisdom for yuo..

again you shouldnt feel like freak for not working.. this illness is hard enough on us!

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I work about 24 hours a week in a hospital setting, some days are very busy (full of adrenaline rushes and stimuli from the ER setting) and some days are quiet..........I am symptomatic either way, but moreso with my GI problems than with standing problems from POTS --> (ex. dizziness). I generally am sitting most of the day at work anyway, so even if i'm having a bad day with symptoms, it doesnt matter because I'm not symptomatic when sitting.....

if i couldnt work, I'd lose my sanity, so i push myself many days, probably shouldnt and hopefully wont pay for it in the end, but as for now, i'm content to simply just be able to work - whether symptom-free or not.

sorry to hear you havent been able to work for awhile. hopefully you'll be on the upswing soon....

what are the symptoms that prevent you from working? and an even better question, are there any meds/other things you can think of that would help you to be able to work -- even if just part time?

also, what did you do for work before getting sick? if you were working at a job that required a lot of physical labor (construction, ex) than perhaps you could try something where you arent "up" as much, office work or something?

hang in there. easier said than done, I know.


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I work and have pots w/ syncope. Granted I use up all my sick time by June and then end up w/ lots of unpaid time but my employer has been understanding about that.

I have a reclining chair w/ foot rest and I have to use that to work. Sitting w/ my feet down really can bring on symptoms. I also work w/ my boss so I know what i need to do when... For example: 8-9 emails and personal projects, 9-10 do online class, 10-11 self paced projects, 11-12 take support calls, 12-1 lunch, 1-2 do online class, 2-4 take support calls, 4-5 self paced projects.

This way if I am having a good day I can be really productive and if I am having a really bad day the self paced project time serves as a kind of down time for me and it allows me to pace my self thru the day.

I also have my husband cook, as I can't stand that long. And do sit down showers and hair drying w/ my kids. I shower at night, after the kid goes to bed, cause I am stuck in my bed for about an hour afterwards.

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As I mentioned before I've been having the same struggle of figuring out again what I will be capable of. Today I was able to not have the puppy locked up all day and actually took her for a short walk, probably lasted more than 10 minutes and I certinally havent' felt good since, but it was still worth it to get out in the fresh air. I've definately come to the conculsion that any sort of 'normal' job for a 20 year old like resturants, bartending, retail, is out of the question for me. But after reading everyones kind words, it definately sounds like there are possibilies out there for any of us that want them. I hope you find this encoraging as well. :blink:

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welcome to the forum...

there have been a LOT of discussions regarding working/ not working, trying to work &/or go to school, etc. searches would probably provide you with virtually endless reading!

here are just a few:



hope this helps,

:blink: melissa

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Hi Dennis--

I've had similar feelings about not working. I've recently explored "at-home" jobs that can be done online. I'm not sure what your interests are, but there are some legitimate opportunities out there. You may also want to consider online education if you want to do something brand new that requires training.

There have been times when I've been too ill to do basic daily tasks, yet I wanted to work so badly that i had myself almost believing that I could do it . Dizzygirl gave some good advice--Make sure you are being totally honest with yourself about what your body will allow you to do. It's not really worth working if it makes you so ill that you can't enjoy your job or your life! Sometimes, our toughest "job" is trying to heal.


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hi dennis,

i haven't been able to work since about 6 years now (or maybe 7, can't remember exactly :) ). although i felt very bad about it i now can enjoy being at home. i can't work anymore, have a housekeeper to do the cleaning, my family to do most of the washing/ironing/cooking etc. but: when they need me to talk to or listen, i am in my chair, all ready for their stories!

corina :D

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