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I just ran across the Merck Manual today. I've been using it for years and find it helpful.

Pots is actually in there, which makes me very happy.

Here is the link. Its missing some stuff, but otherwise a great summary for those new to the disorder


By the way, "inflatable aviator-type antigravity suits"?! Can you imagine a first date in that?! "Do I look fat in this?" "YES!" "Fantastic, let's go!"


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I just love your comment about a date when you are wearing an aviator suit. Does the Merck address where one is to buy one of these suits? What a hoot!!! I have to say that many years ago my doctor did mention that an anti-gravity suit would be ideal but he doubted that NASA would loan any out. Imagine going through an airport security line in one of those.

Alternatively, maybe the Michelin tire suit is available???


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I live near the navy base where the Blue Angels aerobatic flight team is based. They do NOT use G-suits but rely on ab exercises to prevent fainting. Our local support group is hoping to get someone from the navy to teach us the exercises. Apparently they are short-effective, to give you a few minutes to offset a faint.

If we learn anything, I'll keep you posted.

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Neat. Airport security would be hilarious, but can you imagine boarding the plane? The entire plane would have the worst look of fear in their eyes..."oh, please don't sit by me!!" I would worry about getting popped by kids poking me pointedly with their airplane crayons. I can imagine that it would become pretty hostile with the seatbelt and all.

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