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Help For Drug Costs

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Almost all drug companies have some type of Patient ***. programs. Check with your Doc or check online with the drug companies themselves. If it wasn't for the add from Shire US, I would never be able to afford the ProAmatine I take. I pay about $170.00 for 600 tablets. I also get my Toprol FREE. 90 days worth at a time. I think remember a web site where you could chekc to see if your drugs were covered, but I can't think of the address.


Good luck All, I'm going to go stare up at the celling for a while, HA HA.

Blackwolf :)

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I have been getting my Pro-Amatine directly through Shire for about 6 months now, and it's great. My doc dispenses it in 3 month increments and it's been a financial lifesaver. I would highly recommend it for those who qualify. Luckily, since David and I aren't married they don't count his income and we were able to get approved. The free meds have definitely been a big help :)

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