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Ice Therapy!


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HI!! A couple of years ago my dr torn ligaments in his knee and in physical therapy they would put ice on his injury to constrict the veins and reuce the swelling,so he started to wonder if it would work for his patients!!

He has been having me pack my legs in ice for 20 minutes 3x's a day and IT WORKS. My mom took fleece and we sewed feed corn in them! This is a pain in the butt to do everyday but it helps

WARNING- if you're taking midodirne it will give you high blood pressure, but I think it's ok for anyone else to do!! ;)

Just thought I wonder offer the alterantive therapy up if you all want to try it! :(

Does anyone else have any alternative treatments?


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Thanks for the warning about the midodrine. Otherwise, I probably would have tried it. Ice could sound very good here in Saudia :D

I've tried pomegranate juice, butcher's broom pills and licorice pills for natural remedies. But couldn't take much of any, due to tummy aches.

Glad you found a tactic that works for you!


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mamuseh, i've heard of butchers broom and licorice root but what was pomegranete juice used to help?



Honestly, I'm not sure. It was something my doc threw into the mix. He mentioned that it naturally thins the blood. I guess mine is too thick? It might have been related to my clot (PE) history.

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I have been doing something not as cold, After I take my shower, which has been a bad experience for me as it makes me more symptomatic, especially right after. I turn down the water temp slowly to get used to it until it gets to the point that it is as much as I can comfortable stand and stand under it untill I am cooled off and then some! At first I couldn't stand it, but now after doing it since last summer I kinda really like it. If I got to uncomfortable in the summer I'd jump in the shower and cool off. The faster you can change the temp from warm to cold the better. The shock raises my bp and I get the benefit of cooling off.


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