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Fertility Treatment/drug And Pots


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Hello folks...

I was wondering i know there have been alot of discussions about pots and pregnancy..But have any of you ever taken fertilty medication after developing pots?

I was told almost a yr ago.. that i would not be able to have children at all..infertilty is a big and very real issue for me.... i was devastated to say the least.. well after alot of dr.s and questions.. I met with a endocrinologist.. and have talked alot with my OBG...and said it is still going to be very very hard if not impossible for me to concieve but they think that if they can treat my pcos.. and get my ovaries up to parr again that I "might " be able to have children when im ready...

But that "might" involves me taking fertilty drugs to help things along..among other things.. starting with clomid... then working on other things..if that doesnt work

I was just wondering if any of you on here have every done fertilty treatments after developing pots? and how did it go??

Of course I have to be ablot more stable pots wise.. and i sometime truly wonder if that will ever happen...and my cardiologist(s) have to approve/be on board in regaurds to fertilty treatments..

But i feel that I have had to give up or rethink alot of my goals in life and having children or atleast one child is not something that i want to have to miss out on b/c i am too sick.. or b/c of the complication that may arise from pots.. not to mention fertility issues......((((((((((sigh)))))))))) now im starting to ramble.. LOL.. <_<

any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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I have PCOS as well and of course, POTS and this topic has come up for me. To my surprise I was told the younger I tried to conceive the better, which kind of freaked me out at the time. :huh: (I believe I was only 19/20 at the time) Fast forward 4 years and I spoke to my doctors more about this. They did discuss clomid and fertility treatments. They said this would be an option for me but that I would just have to follow up with all of my doctors to keep tabs on everything. My POTS is pretty stable so I think that is definitely something you would want before engaging in this. This isn't something I plan on doing anytime soon so I didn't get into great details about things. I just discussed possibilities. Hopefully someone will have more answers for you and it's probably best to talk with all your doctors to get their inputs.

Good luck!

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Hi alexia....

Im not going to start any kind of fertiilty treatment any time soon.. my focus has been trying to get my body on track both pots wise and period/ovulation wise....my body is being SOOOOOO stubborn!

So right now im researching options.. and wondering if anybody on here has done this post pots with fertilty treatments

thanks alexia!

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Due to my health and at the advise of my cardiologist, my husband and I adopted our daughter. We love her so much and taken into account my health and lack of strength, this was the absolute best option. I would definitely recommend checking into your options to adopt if your open to the idea. Some agencies are more tolerant of adoptive parent with chronic illness others are not. Also, as you think about becoming a parent, sleeping through the night and any sort of nap during the day are a thing of the past and it does affect how you feel on a daily basis. I love being a mom, but honestly have become much sicker since becoming a mom and my daughter lives in front of the TV due to how ill I am and that is very frustrating but she's also very active and climbs up on everything so I'm constantly needing to get up and almost faint in the process to get her away from something she's getting into! Would guess that anyone else on the support site that has a toddler and has severe symptoms can relate and just felt that it's important to be completely honest with yourself and understand the implications on your health becoming a mom may entail.

- Tammy

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That's a good point Tammy. There have been many discussion threads on this topic of mothering and managing POTS over the years. I think most doctors would prefer not to help someone become pregnant until she is medically stable.

Having a child is a HUGE life change. I do get naps in with my daughter perhaps once a week, but overall I am very active trying to keep up with her. I cannot imagine having a 2nd child, myself. Post-partum was extremely difficult for me. I go downhill fast if I am severely sleep deprived. The toddler years are also very challenging as Tammy says b/c of the energy needed just to keep the child out of trouble, let alone ensure adequate stimulation, nutrition, hygiene.

Despite the challenges I have had, it has all been worth it. Being a mom is a wonderful life experience. But each person needs to evaluate prob with her doctors if she is well enough for pregnancy--or well enough for caring for a young child.


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thank you ladies for your input..

tammy I have thought about adoption as an option for myself.... as it is a very real risk that my body may not be able to handle the stress even if i could get pregnant with fertitilty treatment.. I have talked with my pcp and a few of my other docs.. b/c i do need there realistic opinions and input..my pcp was very blunt in that she had real concerns...

Right now all Im doing is research and reading --gathering information...and you gals did give me a thing or 2 to think of as well.. and i thank you for that..

In Leu of my pots issues.. it (my pots) is quite severe right now to put mildly...I would need to get ALOT healthier and ALOT more stable...and the truth is i may never be healthy enough to go down this road.. and that is something i will have to deal with... and it is something that i am keenly aware of and reminded of very often..

But Im open to all possabilities... despite the challenges that would be involved I cant help but think that a strong suport system would make a difference...

thanks again

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I wanted to let you know that I would not change my son for anything. Due to my health problems he was born 8 weeks early, but hes doing great now, and is 5 years old. There are days when I am unable to watch him, and take care of him. Lucky my husband family helps out alot. When I am donw they take him to school, and take them there house to play. I use to be really down about it, but really it great for him, he get the best of both worlds, he get to spend time with all these people, plus my son is what keeps me going on bad days, it lets me know why I keep fighting. FOr a while he thought about adption since my husband was. Right now its now the right thing for us, but maybe one day we will. I wish you the best!

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i think you are very right by saying that a strong support system would help! as a mom myself (16 and 12 now, although i can't understand how THAT happend :huh::) ) i know all the challenges AND frustrations that dysautonomia bring. BUT: when you are good at managing and make people understand that when they offer support you WILL use it, it CAN be done. it is always frustrating because you can never be the mom you would like to be (or in my case: the mom i WAS) and that feeling NEVER goes away but still, it is so worth it.

imagine what would be worst for you while having kids (i.e. they don't listen to you and run away, yep that happened to me and i was NOT able to go after him) and be sure that it will happen. the good thing then is that you already knew that it could happen and you already have a solution for it. when you are prepared (and i know: you can't be prepared for everything, nor can any other (healthy) mom) it isn't as bad as you ight have thought.

hope you understand what i'm saying dizzy, sometimes it is so difficult to talk from my heart in a language that is not my own. what i'm saying is, although you might have a long road to go when you are sure that this is what you want, there is a way to realize it.

i don't know much about fertility treatment and pots and maybe adoption could be a solution (that is if YOU are up to it).

wishing you a lot of strength and courage!

corina :)

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