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Virginia Tech...


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Just wanted to check in with those of you living in or around Virginia. For those that may not know yet there was a shooting earlier this morning on the campus of Virginia Tech. hear in the United States. Reports are that over 22 people lost their lives and many more were wounded. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you that may have been effected by this tagedy.

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Reports currently state that there have been 32 confirmed victims (and the gunman who killed himself). They do have a good-sized police force, but the campus is huge. What I think is more scary is that there were about 2 hours between the two shootings- first in a residence hall and then in classrooms. They assumed that the gunman had left campus, and they decided not to go ahead and cancel classes. I sure wouldn't come to school knowing there had been a shooting in a residence hall and the gunman hadn't been caught! That was a huge lapse in judgment, I think. The second guy, whom we've seen in handcuffs, is being called a "person of interest," and not specifically a suspect. The gunman has not been identified.

About half of my high school feeds into Va Tech, which is almost as big as my uni here in Colorado. It bothers me that they kept people updated via e-mails.. the people who were in classes at the time, and ended up as targets weren't necessarily able to check e-mail! Surely we're not that dependent on technology yet, right? Plus the schools have contact phone numbers, surely there could be a phone tree of some sort in place? At least an automated message or something.

That's all I have in me right now. Love and hugs.

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I called my son to tell him because his girlfriend's mother has accepted a position at virginia tech. She was just there a month ago. My son and his girlfriend will be going down there with her mom in late May. They may move there.

It's very very tragic---all those young people and thier famlies. I sometimes wonder what this world is coming to.

My prayers go out to all who are affected by this terrible tragedy.


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yes prayers are with the family and friends of the vicitim in this horrible tragedy..

my heart goes out to all suffering this tremendous loss

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