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Pilates Pain


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Constipated? I can't imagine there's a link there.....Unless your muscles are so sore, you are tensed up, and can't relax enough to go- might be a stretch.

I found it really hard at first. I was very sore. I'm used to it now and now and no longer get sore. I find it helps with range of motion. Some with dysautonomia have movement restriction and Pilates certainly challenges and expands that.

As far as fainting, I'm usually good, as most of it is floor work. I'm prone, more blood to the head ;-)


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Hmmm...that's a new one to me, Madeline. I've never heard of Pilates causing constipation before. In fact, one of the exercises on the Cadillac is supposed to help flush out your system. ;) Is it an immediate effect of Pilates or might something else be a contibuting factor?

Generally people do start slowly -- one or two classes a week is normal. Doing a mat exercise or two (e.g. the 100 and Roll-Up) at home each day in between those classes helps build strength faster, but is not absolutely necessary.

At present I take 2 classes a week. They are each 1-hour long private sessions so we move at my pace. We use fewer springs, take some little rest/water breaks, do fewer repetitions, do a lot of exercises that have me lying down, etc. It's been great rehab for me. I do some mat exercises at home, though not as consistently as I ought. :blink:

Hope this is helpful.


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