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Short Of Breath When Waking


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I have been feeling very short of breath lately. I wake up feeling like someone is sitting on my chest. It seems worse when I sleep. I don't have the big adrenaline rushes I usually get at night, just the sensation that I am not getting enough oxygen. My tachy has been pretty hard to control lately so I get very exhausted. I will need to lay down, and then I fall into a very deep sleep.

Anyone else get this? Did you do a halter monitor? What about a sleep study?

I have been hoping that this will go away, but it seems to be persistent. I have a call into my EP. I am so tired of going to the doctor.


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If you have'nt had a halter monitor I would ask for one. Maybe some sort of arrythmia is going on that you don't know about. I had two funky ones that I had to have ablated that caused me a lot of SOB and exhaustion like that and once they zapped them, my SOB got a whole lot better.


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I deal with shortness of breath where I feel like I can not catch a satisfying breath. Years ago I had it so bad that I could not even carry a conversation cause I had no air in my lungs. Dr Grubb told me that because the ANS controls all the autonomic functions that it could be a number of different reasons I was experiencing SOB. All I can say is when that hits me it is very debillitating.

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