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Florida/disney World In May

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I am just curious if anyone here has been to Disney World in the month of May. My boyfriend and I made plans to go, but I just thought about how the humidity/climate is during the month of May...I really want to go, but I would like to here what others have to say about dealing with the climate and POTS...Thanks!


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Hi, I live in FL. May will be hot but is still a better option than coming in August. Of course, right now it is April and we are in sweaters again, so who knows. But if I had to bet- I would say early May would be better than late May but any May is better than waiting. The later you get in the summer- the worse the heat/humidity/crowds will be. Of course, hotel pools and afternoon breaks are vital to coping with Disney during summer. Have fun!


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Guest Eliza

I know that "DSM3KDZ" aka "Dayna" just had a VERY recent trip to Disney World (in March I think) and she had a great time and managed her illness very well, so hopefully she could give you some tips or info about the trip that might help you?? Hopefully just knowing someone else was able to manage it and even enjoy herself will help relieve your fears a little.

I wish I could help you more but I have not been to Disney World or Florida in over 15yrs. I sure hope you are able to go and that you have a great time though!! ;)

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Im a 20 year old with Pots and currently at the Mayo trying to get some answers, however that is not going so well. Ne ways I am going to Disney World at the end of April and I wanted to suggest for your may trip that if you get a dr.'s note saying you cant stand for long periods of time you can take that to guest services at the entrance of the park and you can get a handicap pass that will allow you and friend to use that line. So instead of waiting with everythign else, you wait in the shade and wait only as long as the handicap line is! there are also scooters available to rent!

I hope you have a good trip! goodluck!


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