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Extreme Nausea

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Hi guys,

I've been having severe headaches with nausea off and on. Sometimes I have one without the other...Just curious what I can eat with the aweful nausea..?! I am going in for more testing with my GI doc and I'm starting to wonder if I am getting migraine headaches..Also, I usually feel disoriented and dizzy when I get these...Any advice is very much appreciated...;)


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Definitely try sipping, very slowly ginger tea. It takes a while to work, for me, I usually notice I'm not as nauseous about 40 minutes after I started sipping my tea. Hope your feeling better.

- Tammy

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Where can you get ginger tea? On occasion I get severly nauseous, so much so that I can't eat or drink anything. Can barely choke down enough water to take the medications that I need daily. Most recent episode I was sick for about 4 days, laid in bed for 4 days, my mom had to take me to the hospital for saline and phenergan through an IV because I couldn't get the pills down. I can use all the help and advice that I can get, so any and all would be GREATLY appreciated.

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