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I Am Back And Have A Question


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Hi Helane,

Yes, the same thing happens with me. I always feel better when my feet are cold! I go around barefoot even in the winter.

Probably the reason for this weird symptom change is that cold causes your blood vessels to constrict (thus getting more blood pumped up to your brain), but heat causes your blood vessels to open up more (and that allows for the blood to pool in your legs).

Have you tried wearing compression hose? You might find that those help you a lot. It is certainly worth a try!

Good luck with everything,


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Hi there, yes I have the same effect, if my feet are hot it makes me feel lightheaded and my legs also feel weird. It would be interesting to know just how many symptoms this complex condition has!!!!! ;) I was at the hospital for a Short Synatchen Test today - not sure if I have spelt that right - but I know you'll know what it is.... so I am now waiting on the results- feel as though that is all I do these days have tests and wait, what am I waiting for I ask myself? a reason for the way i feel, hoping they will say the tests are clear, then I think so whats wrong with me!! - think I'am feeling a bit frustrated by it all and feeling sorry for myself tonite. Sorry for rambling on just needed to get that of my chest. Anyway, it helps to know hot feet affects other people. This will be my first Summer, although in Scotland it does not get that hot, but i am starting to thing what will I wear when it gets warmer- as I have to wear compression stockings :) I worry about that another day :lol:

Liz B

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What meds are you guys on? I suffer with cold hands and feet because of hypothyroidism and take Armour Thyroid. I am extremely cold today (body temp of 95.7) but I took an extra half dose of thyroid to help warm up.

Heat also makes me uncomfortable, that's when I feel like fainting. :huh:

For those of us who hate compression hose, (they are SO hard to get on, and so uncomfortable to keep on), I tried the lightest grade (15-20 Hg) which I got at CVS, and I love them. Not as much support, but better than nothing, which is what you have if you leave the heavy duty hose in the drawer. I tried the open-toe compression hose and found they squeezed my toes as if they had a rubberband around them, there was no room for the blood to circulate back and the toes got red and swollen.

This way I have some support, but I don't get too hot. :o

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This morning was very fainty-- wasn't sure I'd make it, as I started feeling sweaty nauseaous and faint while looking in my closet. But once I put on my stockings I felt 60% better-- well enough that I haven't really had to fear passing out in front of my students. I hate them and love them-- I've been able to avoid meds with them.

I think I can see the stretchy veins in my legs-- without my stockings, don't know if they're actually full-blown varicose, but they protrude a bit, and I can tell they like to be compressed.

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